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Page Title: Federal Legal Information Through Electronics
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of  the  technological  age.  Using  a  system  of  computer- ized research can be costly to the user if the right system is not chosen. Even though automated systems are time-savers, a user must be aware of alternatives. The following  paragraphs  provide  you  with  a  brief  overview of  automated  systems.  Whether  or  not  your  command uses an automated system depends on the attorneys and budget   limitations. Federal Legal Information Through Electronics Federal  Legal  Information  Through  Electronics (FLITE) is an automated legal research system estab- lished  by  the  Department  of  Defense  and  operated  by the Department of the Air Force for use by all federal agencies. FLITE is the best bargain of all the existing systems since its services are available at no cost to judge advocates. FLITE uses computer technology to help federal employees and military members obtain more  accurate  and  comprehensive  legal  research,  sav- ing  time  and  effort.  FLITE  performs  the  following services: l l l l Creates and maintains full-text data bases of legal  information Provides  computer-assisted  research  to  all  fed- eral agencies Produces  and  distributes  computer-generated  re- search  tools  such  as  indexes,  digests,  and  cita- tions Provides  advisory  service  to  federal,  state,  and local  governments  relating  to  automated  legal research  systems FLITE does not give legal opinions or supply legal memorandums.  Its  role  is  to  provide  cases,  decisions, statutes, regulations, and other legal references that are relevant  to  the  user’s  problems. Other  Available  Systems In addition to FLITE, several other automated re- search systems are available to the legal profession. However, unlike FLITE, they do not fit into the realm of  a  tight  budget.  Other  available  systems  such  as WESTLAW,  LEXIS,  and  JURIS  require  a  significant cash outlay for installation and continuing expenditures for usage and equipment rental. As a senior LN, you might be tasked with a budget input for your command regarding  the  use  of  automated  research  systems.  If  so, the cost factor may be the deterrent that prevents your command from using services other than FLITE. How- ever, FLITE research attorneys have access to WEST- LAW, LEXIS, and JURIS as well as other existing systems.  Although  automated  research  systems  are  the coming event in the legal profession, it may be a while before they are the primary research systems in the Navy. SUMMARY As you can see, the maintenance of a law library is an important part of your duties as an LN. Your famili- arity  with  the  maintenance  and  upkeep  procedures  of the law library will help you as a future LN1 or LNC to become more involved in the actual performance of legal research and the preparation of legal writings. Although attorneys are better trained to conduct effec- tive  legal  research,  senior  LNs  are  increasingly  being tasked  to  aid  those  attorneys  in  this  area.  This  chapter has described how to carry out legal research by using primary and secondary sources and by citing sources. With a working knowledge of how to use finding tools, you  will  become  an  effective  paralegal  conducting  legal research. 2-18

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