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Page Title: Promulgating Order -Continued
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Distribution: Original - Original ROT Duplicate  Original  -  Accused’s  SRB Certified  Copies  - 3 to original ROT Plain  Copies  -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 to each copy of ROT 1 to CO, NAVSUPPACT NAPLES 1  to  COMFAIRMED 1 to BUPERS (PERS-83) 2 to NAVBRIG, Rota, Spain to accused to  NAVLEGSVCOFF  Naples,  Italy to MJ to TC to  DC to CO, NAVSUPPACT, Naples, Italy to OIC, PERSUPPDET, Rota, Spain Figure   8-11.—Promulguting   order—Continued. a. Three copies to be attached to the original record of trial. (Only one need be attached in those SPCMs in which the approved sentence dots not include an  unsuspended  or  suspended  BCD.) b. One copy to be attached to each copy of the record of trial. c. Two copies to the CO of the accused if a brig or  confinment  facility  is  designated  as  the  place  of confinement; three copies if a disciplinary command is designated as the place of confinement. These copies should accompany the records of the accused to the place  of  confinement. d. One copy to Commander, Bureau of Naval Personnel (PERS-06 in the case of officers, PERS-83 in the  case  of  enlisted). e.  One  copy  to  the  OEGCMJ  over  the  accused at the time of trial, and one to the current OEGCMJ over the  accused  (if  different).  The  OEGCMJ  will  be identified by the command name. f.  One  copy  to  the  type  commander  of  the accused at the time of trial. The type commander will be identified by the command name. .  Duplicate  originals,  certified  copies,  or  plain copies: a. One copy to the accused. b. One copy to the CO of the naval legal service office (NLSO) where the accused was tried. c. One copy each to the military judge, the TC, and the DC of the court-martial. d. One copy to the CA and, if the accused was serving in a command other than that of the CA at the time of the alleged offense, one to the command in which he or she was then serving. c. One copy to each appropriate subordinate unit and any other locall distribution desired. f. In addition to the distribution requirements stated  previously,  make  sure  the  following  distribution is made when the accused is a Navy officer: (1) Copy to Officer in Charge, Personnel Support  Activity  Detachment,  Building  29,  Offutt  AFB, Omaha,  Nebraska  68113,  if  the  U.S.  Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, is designated as the place of confinement. 8-16

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