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Page Title: Reports Control System
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There are 14 major numerical subject groups, each having a thousand possible topics: 1000  series  - 2000 series - 3000 series - 4000 series - 5000 series - 6000 series - 7000 series - 8000 series - 9000 series - 10000 series - 11000  series  - 12000  series  - 13000 series - 14000  series  - Military  Personnel Telecommunications Operations and Readiness Logistics General Administration and Management Medicine and Dentistry Financial  Management Ordnance   Material Ship’s Design and Material General Material Facilities  and  Activities  Ashore Civilian  Personnel Aeronautical  and  Astronautical Material Coast  Guard  Mission Within  the  major  groups  are  subdivisions  using  the second, third, and, sometimes, fourth digit; for example: 5000  - 5800  - 5810- 5812  - General  Administration  and  Management Laws and Legal Matters Military  Justice Commanding Officer’s Nonjudicial Punishment. MAINTENANCE File material loosely in folders unless you need fasteners to hold pages in a particular order. Use prong fasteners rather than staples, clips, or rubber bands to hold  material. DISPOSAL The Navy and Marine Corps Records Disposition Manual,  SECNAVINST  5212.5C,  prescribes  policy and  procedures  for  the  Department  of  the  Navy’s Records   Disposition   Program   relating   to   records creation,  maintenance,  and  disposition.  Files  as  well  as records  are  disposed  of  according  to  the  requirements of SECNAVINST 5212.5C. This issue will be further addressed later in this chapter under Records Disposal. REPORTS  CONTROL  SYSTEM Whether you are assigned to an NLSO or a small SJA office, you will find that your office is responsible for preparing and submitting several different types of reports. Knowing what these reports are, how to prepare them, and when and to whom they are to be sent is important to the efficient operation of both your office and the offices that receive these reports. To help com- mands effectively control the preparation and submis- sion of required reports, the Navy has designed a reports control  management  system.  When  working  with  the reports control system, you should become familiar with the tickler system, the preparation of the reports, and the procedures for filing these reports. The follow- ing hints are provided to help you establish and maintain the reports control system for your office. ESTABLISHMENT OF A REPORTS CONTROL SYSTEM AND TICKLER FILE To  determine  which  reports  your  activity  submits and, therefore, needs to be included in your tickler file, it  is  necessary  to  check  the  current  5214  instructions issued by commands senior to yours in the chain of command as well as the  JAG Manual  which is the primary source of required reports within the JAG com- munity. Once you know what reports are required, you must establish a system that gives you a master list of all reports and a means to make sure they are submitted in a timely manner. This is done by using a Recurring Reports Record Card, NAVSO 5213/7, for each report. All  the  completed  cards  together  make  up  the  tickler system. MAINTENANCE OF A REPORTS CONTROL SYSTEM AND TICKLER FILE What reports have to be prepared and sent out by my office? When do they have to be sent out? Who are they sent to? These are questions that can be easily answered if you have an effective tickler system being used in your office. A tickler system consists of either a list of reports or a card file listing all the reports required for your office. It is suggested that you use either 5-inch by 8-inch cards or reports control record cards.  On  each  card  the  following  information  should appear: The frequency of the report; for example, annual, semiannual,   quarterly Title  of  the  person/departnlcnt  responsible  for preparing  the  report 1-8

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