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Page Title: Representation of Opposing Parties or Interests
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military  justice  problem,  should  be  referred  to  a  legal assistance attorney. Legal assistance is authorized for personal legal affairs only. Legal advice and assistance are  not  provided  regarding  business  ventures  or regarding matters that are not of a personal nature. Advice or Assistance in Official Military Matters Legal assistance duties are separate and apart from responsibilities  of  trial  counsel,  defense  counsel,  or others   involved   in   processing   courts-martial, nonjudicial  punishment,  administrative  boards  or proceedings,  and  investigations. Representation of Opposing Parties or Interests If  two  or  more  eligible  persons  with  conflicting interests seek legal assistance from the same office on the  same  matters,  the  party  first  establishing  an attorney-client  relationship  is  provided  representation. Other parties are advised that they are eligible for assistance, but that it must be obtained from another source. Every effort will be made to refer the party with a conflicting interest to another legal assistance attorney or  to  a  private  civilian  attorney.  If  referral  to  another office or civilian counsel is not a reasonable option, guidance should be obtained from JAG. Proceedings Involving the United States Legal assistance attorneys may not advise on, assist in,  or  become  involved  with  individual  interests opposed to or in conflict with the interests of the United States without the specific approval of JAG. Examples include  a  claim  for  monetary  damages  against  the United  States,  filing  for  a  restraining  order  against  the United  States,  assisting  in  pursuing  CHAMPUS  claims, or filing Article 138,  Uniform  Code  of  Military  Justice (UCMJ), petitions. Telephone  Inquiries In   the   absence   of   unusual   or   compelling circumstances, legal advice is not provided over the telephone.   This  does  not  prohibit  appropriate  follow-up telephone  discussions  between  the  legal  assistance attorney and the client. Advice to Third Parties The  attorney-client  relationship  requires  personal communication. Except when the client is unable to communicate adequately, advice or assistance will not be provided through third parties. This includes drafting a will for one spouse based upon discussion with the other  spouse. REFERRALS AND FEES The  legal  assistance  attorney  may  determine  that  the best interests of the client will be served by referring the case  to  another  attorney,  often  a  private  civilian  attorney. Referral may be for a variety of reasons, including expertise of the attorney or regulations that prohibit involvement of the legal assistance attorney. Should referral  to  a  private  civilian  attorney  be  necessary payment of legal fees is the client’s responsibility. The government will not reimburse the individual or pay any expenses   associated   with   the   referral. Reserve personnel providing legal assistance while on active duty may not refer legal assistance clients to themselves in their private practice nor to their law firm. Services  provided  in  the  Department  of  the  Navy legal  assistance  program  are  at  no  cost  to  eligible personnel. All  active  duty  personnel  and  civilian employees  involved  in  providing  services  or  advice  in the  legal  assistance  program  are  prohibited  from accepting   or  receiving,   in  any  manner,  any  fee  or compensation  other  than  government  compensation  for legal   services   provided   to   persons   eligible   for assistance. Reserve personnel on inactive duty or in any offical capacity are prohibited from receiving fees or compensation  for  the  same  matters  about  which  they consulted with or advised the legal assistance client in an  official  capacity. THE EXPANDED LEGAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Under the expanded legal assistance program, legal assistance attorneys in selected offices may provide legal  services,  including  in-court  representation  to certain  categories  of  clients,  as  follows,  about  matters listed in the JAGMAN, on a limited basis. The local legal  assistance  office  should  be  consulted  for  specific information. The  expanded  legal  assistance  program,  as authorized by JAG, provides in-court legal services for eligible  personnel  who  cannot  afford  private  attorney fees. Those personnel eligible for the expanded legal assistance program include the following: 11-6

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