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Page Title: Baggage Storeroom
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Acquires and provides necessary supplies and equipment to clean and maintain the quarters effectively Supervises  assigned  enlisted  personnel  and civilian   custodial   staff   in   all   phases   of cleanliness,  maintenance,  and  operation  of  the BQ Conducts daily inspections of all common use areas to make sure they are clean, sanitary, and attractive in appearance and habitability Serves   as   a   primary   contact   between management   and   residents—to   solicit recommendations  on  building  conditions  and policy  for  improvements provides room status to the front desk Controls FF&E in assigned areas Operating  assigned  baggage  storeroom(s) Baggage  Storeroom At most BQs a baggage storeroom is maintained to store  residents’  unused  baggage  and  personal  property. The  baggage  storeroom  may  be  the  responsibility  of  the BPO or the front desk. Of vital importance is the security of the personal property  of  the  occupants  and  management’s responsibility  to  safeguard  these  items. Strict account  ability  must  be  maintained  to  ensure  this  control. The  system  for  operating  the  baggage  room  must  afford the maximum security for the residents’ possessions. Conversely, it must demand the minimum of time and work for the BPO or appointed custodian to allow this person to fulfill all other BPO duties. Local commands should provide guidelines showing what can and cannot be stored in the baggage room. Other than unsafe items such as flammables, corrosives, and firearms, residents should be permitted to store any excess gear in the baggage  room. Hours  of  operation  should  be  designed  to  afford  the residents ready access to the baggage room and the hours  should  be  posted  and  widely  publicized.  To provide   the   strictest   security   possible,   stringent procedures for access must be enforced. The BPO or appointed  custodian  should  be  the  only  staff  member  to have  general  access  to  the  baggage  room.  Do  not  give residents  the  keys  to  the  baggage  room  under  any circumstances,  as  that  would  compromise  security. Baggage room keys will not be on the master key ring. The baggage key must remain in the custody of the custodian. The  following  procedures  should  be  used  to  check items into the baggage storeroom: . A standard, sequentially numbered, three-part baggage   storeroom   form   (fig.   10-6)   is   used. Identification  is  established  by  the  sequential  numbers in conjunction with the name and room number of the resident. The top part of the form is attached firmly to the item to be stored. The middle part is stapled to the upper left-hand comer of the registration card. The bottom part is given to the resident. . If items are to be stored in a container, a joint inventory must be taken by the resident and the front desk  or  BPO.  Even  if  the  container  is  empty,  an inventory   should   be   taken,   indicating   an   empty container. A copy of the inventory (fig. 10-7) must be placed in the container and a copy given to the resident. . Residents checking in after hours or on weekends must keep items for storage until the next working day that the BPO is present. .  The  following  procedures  must  be  used  to  check items out of the baggage storeroom: l  Check-outs  are  only  made  during  normal  hours of  operation. .  Residents  wishing  to  check  items  out  for weekends  must  do  so  on  or  before  the  BPOs  last working day of the week. Figure 10-6.—Baggage storeroom form. 10-15

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