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Page Title: Chapter 5 Food Preparation
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CHAPTER 5 FOOD PREPARATION The  objectives  of  good  food  preparation  are  to conserve the nutritive value of the food, to improve the digestibility, to enhance flavor, to develop attractiveness of the original color, shape, form, and texture, and also to  free  the  food  from  injurious  organisms  and substances. Remember that your job as a Mess Management Specialist   (MS)   is   of   vital   importance   to   your organization;  people  must  eat  to  perform  their  assigned jobs. The end result of your work is for the food to be enjoyed by the patrons of your mess. To achieve this you must continually strive for perfection in providing palatable, wholesome, and attractive food. This chapter covers some of the what, how, why, and when of food preparation. BASIC GUIDES The quality of food prepared in the general mess (GM) and private messes can be controlled to a great extent by the use of management tools. These tools provide guidance for the MSs assigned by giving them a clear understanding of why they are there and how they promote  efficiency  and  quality.  These  tools  are  the General  Mess  Menu,  NAVSUP  Form  1080,  Armed Forces Recipe Service (AFRS), NAVSUP P-7, and the Food-Preparation Worksheet, NAVSUP Form 1090. FOOD-PREPARATION   WORKSHEET The first requisite to good cooking is an accurate knowledge  of  the  items  to  be  prepared.  MS  personnel have specific instructions on which foods to prepare, the recipe card number, the number of portions to prepare, time  to  start  preparations,  special  instructions  from  the leading   MS,   and   serving   instructions.   These instructions  are  furnished  on  the  Food-Preparation Worksheet, NAVSUP Form 1090. See figures 5-1, 5-2, and  5-3. Required  Use This worksheet is required for all GMs; however, GMs having fewer than eight MSs may use a modified food-preparation worksheet (fig. 5-3). GMs with only one MS are not required to use the worksheet. Preparation The  information  listed  on  the  food-preparation worksheet  becomes  a  written  directive  for  passing information from the leading MS to the watch captains and other personnel involved in the preparation of the food. The reverse side of the worksheet maybe used to record   temperature   readings,   meat   breakout requirements,  serving  line  and  scullery  temperatures, and any additional information required by the food service  officer.  The  food-preparation  worksheet  is  also a valuable record of the menu for the day. Information that is a “must know” for any person supervising a GM can  be  posted  on  it. This information includes the number of persons actually fed and the acceptability of specific menu items. Also, this information is useful when  the  leading  MS  prepares  future  menus  and food-preparation worksheets. Refer to NAVSUP P-486, volume I, for detailed instructions on preparing the NAVSUP Form 1090. The food-preparation worksheet is retained for a period of 1 year for afloat activities and 2 years for ashore  activities. Separate  Worksheet At most large GMs, food-preparation worksheets for each work center are prepared. This eliminates the necessity to include the vegetable preparation room, bakeshop,  and  meat  preparation  room  on  the  reverse side of the food-preparation worksheet. Modified Worksheet GMs having fewer than eight MSs may use the modified NAVSUP Form 1090. GMs with only one MS are not required to use the worksheet. The modfied worksheet  is  explained  in  detail  in  the  NAVSUP  P-486, volume I. ARMED FORCES RECIPE SERVICE The AFRS was developed as a joint effort of all branches of the armed forces with the cooperation of the food  industry.  It  consists  of  approximately  1,800 5-1

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