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Page Title: Cleaning of Staterooms
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Cleaning of Staterooms Daily cleaning is necessary, but the extent to which spaces  are  cleaned  may  vary  with  particular circumstances.  More  uniform  cleaning  can  be  done  by using  a  cleaning  bill. An  example  of  a  stateroom cleaning  bill  follows: DAILY a. b. c. d. e. f. Clean washbasin, mirror, soap container, and toothbrush  holders. Make  up  beds  for  officers  0-5  and  above. Sweep and mop deck or vacuum carpet. Empty  and  wash  ashtrays. Empty  wastebaskets. Dust all furniture. WEEKLY a. b. c. e. f. g. h. i. j. Wash  paintwork. Polish brightwork. Clean  electric  fans  and  wipe  down  light fixtures. Replace soiled hand and bath towels and replace with clean ones as scheduled. Deliver  and  pick  up  officers’  laundry  as scheduled. Replace  stripped  linens  with  fresh  clean ones. Leave linens on top of beds (0-4 and below  only),  as  scheduled. Scrub and wax deck or spot-check carpet and remove  stains  as  scheduled. Clean  air-conditioning  filters  and  screens. Hold general field day for certain staterooms as scheduled. Stand by for inspection. CLEAN AS SCHEDULED a. b. c. Turn  mattress  over  and  vacuum  underneath (monthly-preferably  during  linen  change). Send  draperies,  curtains,  chair  covers,  and bedspreads for dry cleaning (quarterly). Shampoo  carpets  (quarterly). Personal Service The following services are considered of a personal nature and are the sole responsibility of individual officers: l l l Bed  making  and  bed  linen  changing  except  for 0-5 and above Care,  maintenance,  and  orderliness  of  personal effects  that  include  military  uniforms,  uniform accessories, and shoes Sorting  and  storage  of  personal  laundry Mail  Service MSs may be appointed to act as mail orderlies. As mail orderlies, they pick up the mail from the staterooms at prescheduled times and deliver it to the post office. MSs also may draw officer mail from the Postal Clerk and  deliver  it.  Mail  not  delivered  should  never  be  left in  the  wardroom.  Mail  orderlies  must  not  be  required to mail or pickup registered, certified, or insured mail. HABITABILITY Officers’  quarters  aboard  ship  (staterooms)  should present  maximum  habitability.  COs  usually  require  the highest standards of service and sanitation in the ship’s staterooms. There is no ship so lacking in facilities, equipment, or personnel that minimum standards cannot be met. Careful use of supplies and overhaul funds on allowed items should be exercised within the limitations of funding. This will achieve the maximum level of habitability. Improvisation with tender assistance may correct  ship-design  defects. Since an officer’s quarters is his or her seagoing home, the officer should not be reluctant to spend his or her efforts toward the physical improvement of the wardroom  and  stateroom. Care of Heads and Showers An example of a cleaning bill for stateroom heads and  showers  follows: DAILY a. b. c. d. Clean  washbasins  and  wipe  down  mirrors. Refill soap and towel dispensers. Clean utility sink and storage area. Wipe down shower curtains. 10-3

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