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Page Title: Soft-Serve Ice Cream and Milk Shakes
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SOFT-SERVE   ICE   CREAM   AND   MILK SHAKES.— Galley-prepared  ice-cream  mixes  greatly simplify making soft-serve ice cream and milk shakes. The  kinds  available  are  dehydrated  ice  milk-milk  shake mix, fresh liquid ice milk mix, and fresh liquid milk shake mix. Dehydrated   Ice   Milk-Milk   Shake   Mix.— Soft-serve ice cream and milk shakes, chocolate and vanilla  flavors,  may  be  made  from  dehydrated  ice milk-milk shake mix. The mixes are combined with 40°F  to  60°F  water  using  a  wire  whip.  Once reconstituted,  they  are  very  perishable.  Keep refrigerated until ready to use. The mixture should not contain any lumps because they will clog the freezer. After mixing, chill the mixture to 35°F to 40°F and pour it into the freezer. Do not add a warm mixture to the freezer.   Start   the   dasher   motor   and   then   the refrigeration. Freeze the ice cream to 18°F to 22°F or until it is stiff when it is drawn off. When   preparing   milk   shakes,   the   method   of preparation is the same; however, the milk shake is frozen to 27°F to 30°F. Fresh Liquid Ice Milk Mix.— Soft-serve ice cream may be prepared from fresh liquid ice milk mix that is available   from   local   dairy   contracts.   The   mix   is available in chocolate, vanilla, and fruit flavors. Fresh liquid ice milk mix is ready to use. No water is required. Fresh Liquid Milk Shake Mix.— Milk shakes in chocolate and vanilla flavors may be prepared from fresh liquid milk shake mix. This mix is intended for use in milk shake mix machines, but may be prepared in a soft-serve   ice-cream   machine   if   the   other   is   not available. A slightly slushier product will be made. Both  of  the  fresh,  liquid  mixes  are  perishable  and should be kept chilled at all times. For  cleaning  soft-serve  and  milk  shake  machines, check  the  manufacturer’s  instructions. Yogurt Plain and fruit-flavored yogurts are available. A vanilla or fruit-flavored yogurt mix for use with the soft-serve  ice-cream  machine  is  also  available.  See AFRS  card  for  preparation  instructions. SAUCES Some fruit sauces served with desserts such as cake, puddings, and ice cream are thickened with cornstarch or pregelatinized starch. Prepared pie fillings that are thinned with water can be used to make quick and easy fruit sauce toppings for ice cream. Galley-prepared caramel sauce does not contain cornstarch or other thickeners. It  is  thickened  by cooking the sauce until it reaches the soft ball stage (235°F).  Chocolate  sauce  is  prepared  by  combining milk with a cooked paste made of sugar, cocoa, salt, and water  and  then  cooked.  Butter  and  flavoring  are  then added. These sauces may be served over ice cream or plain cake cut into serving portions. Vanilla  sauce  is  served  with  cakes,  puddings,  and pastry  dumplings.  Cornstarch  or  pregelatinized  starch is used for thickening.    When  cornstarch  is  used,  the sauces should be cooked to thicken and to eliminate the raw  starch  taste. Cherry  jubilee  sauce,  a  sauce  prepared  from  dark sweet,  pitted  cherries,  cornstarch,  sugar  imitation brandy flavoring, and water, may be prepared to serve warm over vanilla ice cream or for serving cold over vanilla pudding or plain, unfrosted yellow or white cakes. A variety of flavorings such as imitation wild cherry, black  walnut,  brandy,  rum,  almond,  orange,  lemon,  and banana are available for use in dessert toppings and sauces. They may be substituted for vanilla flavoring in vanilla  sauce  and  used  as  specified  in  other  recipes. 8-27

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