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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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2-42. 2-43. 2-44. 2-45. Witnesses will provide statements to mishap investigation boards under oath. 1. True 2. False Which of the following items is considered privileged information? 1. Copies of instructions 2. Witness statements 3. Physical evidence 4. Logs  and  records Which of the following factors is the key to a good investigation? 1. Witnesses’ attitude 2. Witnesses' enthusiasm 3. Investigator’s instinct 4. Investigator’s training What is the first priority when mishaps occur? 1. Save  lives 2. Control damage 3. Preserve the evidence 4. Protect the mishap site 2-46. Pictures of a mishap site taken using a self-developing camera vice a 35-mm camera result in which of the following disadvantages? 1. They lack intense color 2. They lack fine detail 3. They are difficult to enlarge 4. Both 2 and 3 2-47. Which of the following types of photography is/are especially helpful in a fire investigation? 1. Color 2. Black and White 3. Both 1 and 2 4. Self-developing 2-48. When taking photos of fire scenes, you should take precautions to prevent charred materials from causing which of the following photography problems? 1. Poor depth of field 2. Underexposure 3. Overexposure 4. Inadequate  color 2-49. A diagram of a mishap scene has what primary advantage over a photograph? 1. Shows  less  clutter 2. Shows no action 3. Shows no direction of movement 4. Shows less lighting information 2-50. A witness is defined as an insight provider to a mishap. Which of the following elements can be classified as a witness? 1. Parts 2. People 3. Position 4. Each of the above 2-51. When it comes to “how” the mishap occurred,   which of the following witnesses or situations provide the most valuable information? 1. Parts 2. Paper 3. People 4. Position 2-52. During a safety investigation afloat, how can you minimize the withholding of information? 1. Witness should testify under oath 2. Witnesses should be rewarded 3. Promise of confidentiality 4. Promise of testimonial immunity 11

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