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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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2-53. To assure witnesses that the information they provide will not be used against them, a formal mishap investigation board uses what form? 1. Advice to Witnesses form 2. Special Request form 3. DD–1149 form 4. DD–1348 form 2–54. When in the process of interviewing several witnesses, you should take which of the following steps to prevent them from forming a homogenized testimony? 1. Assign witnesses separate tasks at different locations 2. Meet witnesses individually 3. Meet with witnesses as a group 4. Have witnesses wait in the mess deck for the interview 2-55. When interviewing a witness of the opposite sex, you should take which of the following precautions? 1. Ensure the area is not secluded 2. Ensure the door remains open 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. Ensure other witnesses are in the  room 2-56. To effectively interview witnesses, you should apply which of the following techniques? 1. Ask questions that can only be answered by a yes or no 2. Ask questions that will require explanations 3. Always start your interview with a different question 4. Use two or more investigators to  interview  a  witness 2-57. You do NOT use Advice to Witness forms when performing which, if any. of the following types of investigations? 1. Local mishap investigations 2. Formal mishap investigations 3. Static mishap investigations 4. None of the above 2-58. What is considered the most difficult part of a mishap investigation? 1. Taking  pictures 2. Interviewing witnesses 3. Determining the sequence of events 4. Determining who caused the mishap 2-59. You may obtain information on previous mishaps that may provide clues to the mishap you are currently investigating from which of the following commands? 1. Naval Safety Center 2. Systems commands 3. Type  commnanders 4. All of the above 2-60. YOU found  criminal  evidence  during an  informal  investigation.  Which of the following actions should you take? 1. Call  NIS 2. Consult with legal services 3. Stop your investigation and inform your chain of command 4. All of the above A. Fault  Tree  Analysis B. Change  Analysis C. Management Oversight and Risk Tree D. Technique of Operations Review Figure  2-C.—Analytical  Techniques. SELECT THE ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUE IN FIGURE 2–C THAT MATCHES THE DESCRIPTION USED IN QUESTIONS  2–61  THROUGH  2-65.  RESPONSES MAY BE USED ONCE, MORE THAN ONCE, OR NOT AT ALL. 2-61. A departure from the norm. which could become an element in the chain of events leading to a mishap. 1.  A 2.  B 3.  C 4.  D 12

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