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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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3–50. When,  if  ever,  should  personnel receive indoctrination and training on basic electrical safety? 1. Upon reporting aboard 2. Annually 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. Never 3-51. During all corrective maintenance, you are required to abide by which of the following safety procedures? 1. Planned Maintenance System (PMS)  procedures 2. Maintenance Data System (MDS) procedures 3. Standard operating procedures 4. Tag-out/Lock-out  procedures 3-52. Which of the following precautions should you observe when working in a confined space? 1. Always report to the gas free engineer before working in a confined  space 2. When aboard ship, use gas free certificates for only 8 hours 3. Wear a hard hat aboard ship during a confined space test 4. Test a confined space for the presence of toxic gases only 3-53. As a supervisor, you should ensure your workers follow which of the following safety precautions? 1. Comply with safety procedures 2. Wear appropriate PPE 3. Take no short cuts and safely perform all jobs 4. All of the above 3–54 . What instruction provides the administrative requirements for shore NAVOSH programs? 1. OPNAVINST 5100.19B 2. OPNAVINST 5100.21B 3. OPNAVINST 5100.23C 4. OPNAVINST 5102.1C 3-55. Both military and civilian personnel are subject to disciplinary action when they violate NAVOSH regulations. 1. True 2. False 3–56. Ashore,   who plans, directs, and administers the OSH programs? 1. Commanding   officer 2. Safety  officer 3. Naval safety center 4. OSH  office 3-57. For an activity to have a full-time OSH manager, it should have at least a total of how many personnel? 1. 100 2. 200 3. 300 4. 400 3-58. Which of the following activities provides analytical services and occupational medicine examinations? 1. Industrial hygiene laboratories 2. Medical training centers 3. Naval  hospitals 4. OSH  offices 3-59. Which of the following approaches is likely to change behavior and lead to mishap prevention? 1. Legislated  safety 2. Safety endorsement 3. OSH  training 4. Peer  pressure 3-60. How much total HAZCOM training is required by collateral duty OSH personnel? 1. 30-minute initial training only 2. 3-hour initial training and OJT 3. 3-hour initial training and refresher training as required 4. 24–hour initial training and 3–hour annual training 19

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