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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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3-61. 3-62. 3-63. 3-64. 3-65. 3-66. At which of the following naval air stations can you obtain quotas for shore-oriented safety courses? 1. Norfolk,  Va. 2. Meridian.  Miss. 3. Pensacola.  Fla. 4. North  Island,  Calif. Which of the following statements de-scribes the objective of the NAVOSH program? 1. To establish mishap prevention standards 2. To provide a safe and healthy work  environment 3. To evaluate the effectiveness of the safety program 4. To provide supervision in matters pertaining to safety What type of survey is required if hazards are found in a work place? 1. Base–line 2. Walk–through 3. Periodic 4. Initial What is the first step in an industrial hygiene survey? 1. Initial  survey 2. Periodic  survey 3. Walk–through survey 4. Base-line  survey When the industrial hygiene survey shows potential exposure of personnel to toxic chemicals, what plan is prepared? 1. Workplace monitoring plan 2. Industrial hygiene plan 3. Exposure sampling plan 4. Pre-mishap plan Data pertinent to personnel exposures (except asbestos) are retained for a minimum of how many years? 1. 10  years 2. 20  years 3. 30  years 4. 40 years 3-67. The NAVOSH Program compliance is evaluated during which of the following inspections? 1. 3M 2. SMI 3. OPPE 4. INSURV 3–68. Navy workplaces with recognized potential health hazards should be evaluated at what minimum frequency? 1. Weekly 2. Annually 3. Bimonthly 4. Semiannually 3-69. Ashore, NAVOSH oversight inspections are conducted by which of the following commands? 1. OSHA 2. NAVINSGEN 3. PREINSURV 4. NAVSAFECEN 3-70. You have civilian employees working in your facility. Which of the following personnel may conduct NAVOSH inspections of your work site? 1. Federal OSHA officials only 2. State OSHA officials only 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. Safety Center officials only 3–71. OSHA officials can conduct work- site inspections on work centers staffed with military personnel only, 1. True 2. False 3–72. To report property damage, the OSH office uses which of the following logs/reports? 1. Annual Summary of Navy Civilian Occupational Injuries 2. Log of Navy Injuries and Occupational Illnesses 3. Explosive Mishap Report 4. OPNAV Safety Report 20

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