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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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4-9. Provides technical focus for comprehensive development and administration of the afloat safety program. 1.  A 2.  B 3.  C 4.  D 4-10. Sanitizes MIRs and endorsements for use  in  safety  training. 1.  A 2.  B 3.  C 4.  D 4-11. The safety officer directly reports hazardous conditions or operations to which of the following personnel? 1. Commanding officer 2. Executive officer 3. Engineer  officer 4. Division  officer 4–12. All hands have which of the following safety responsibilities? 1. Know and obey all safety precautions 2. Report unsafe procedures 3. Provide mishap information to safety investigators 4. Each of the above 4-13. What is the key to a successful safety program? 1. An experienced safety officer 2. Hazard identification 3. Quality  training 4. Mishap reporting 4-14. Occupational health and safety subject matter is combined into generic lesson guides for use in shipboard training in what publication? 1. NTP  S-40–8603 2. NAVEDTRA  10074 3. NAVSAFECEN 5102/30 4. NAVOSH Program Manual 4-15. Safety courses are offered to shipboard personnel by which of the following activities? 1. Mobile training units 2. Fleet  training  centers 3. Naval training centers 4. Recruit training centers 4–16. What is the principal way commands discover hazards? 1. By  chance 2. By the occurrence of mishaps 3. Through workplace inspections 4. Through individual personnel reports 4-17. At least how often should shipboard work spaces be inspected for safety hazards? 1. Weekly 2. Monthly 3. Annually 4. Semiannually 4–18. The Naval Safety Center conducts occupational health surveys of naval operating forces at least how often? 1. Once a year 2. Twice a year 3. Every  3  years 4. As  requested 4-19. Results of surveys conducted by the Safety Center are sent to which of the following personnel? 1. Unit commanding officer 2. Chief of Naval Operations 3. Type  commander 4. Unit  safety  officer 4–20. In 1989, the CNO called for a Navywide safety standdown for which of the following reasons? 1. Aviation mishaps 2. Off-duty mishaps 3. An annual requirement 4. A rash of shipboard mishaps 23

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