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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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4–21. Detailed procedures and report formats for afloat mishap investigation and reporting is contained in what instruction? 1. OPNAVINST 5100.19B 2. OPNAVINST 5100.10G 3. OPNAVINST 5100.21B 4. OPNAVINST 5100.23C 4–22. A mishap that results in property damage of $500,000 is assigned what mishap classification? 1. Class A 2. Class B 3. Class C 4. Special case 4–23. When no injury or need of medical attention is involved, which. if any, of the following mishaps is reportable to NAVSAFECEN? 1. Hazardous material exposure 2. Oxygen deficiency 3. Electric  shock 4. None of the above 4–24. Shipboard mishaps involving civilians or foreigners are reportable under OPNAVINST 5100.21B. 1. True 2. False 4-25. What is the goal of the aviation safety program? 1. To preserve resources 2. To report all mishaps 3. To enhance operational readiness 4. To cut aircraft maintenance costs 4–26. What term is used to identify the potential cause of damage and injury? 1. Lack  of  training 2. Human  error 3. Hazard 4. Stress 4–27. 4-28. 4-29. 4–30. 4–31. 4–32. Detecting,    containing, and eliminating hazards is the concern of which of the following activities? 1. Aircraft  design 2. Personnel selection 3. Aircraft support equipment 4. All of the above Who directs and supervises the Naval Aviation Safety Program? 1. Commander, Naval Safety Center 2. Commander, Naval Air 3. Aviation safety officer 4. Director,  Air  Warfare Who advises and aids the CNO in the administration and monitoring of the Naval Aviation Safety Program? 1. Commander, Naval Safety Center 2. Commander, Naval Air 3. Aviation safety officer 4. Director, Air Warfare Which of the following officers can be assigned as the aviation safety officer (ASO)? 1. A designated naval flight officer 2. A flight surgeon 3. An air department officer 4. An  AIMD  officer The ASO billet is only a collateral duty  . 1. True 2. False When do you submit a Hazard Report (HR)? 1. When directed by higher authority 2. When directed by the ASO 3. Whenever a hazard is detected 4. Whenever a mishap has occurred 24

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