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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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4–44. Mishap reports (MRs) provide which of the following information concerning aircraft mishaps? 1. Hazard elimination information 2. Mishap prevention information 3. Information about the person causing the mishap 4. Information about the progress of  investigation 4–45. NAVSAFECEN requires that a Class A aviation mishap be reported initially by which of the following means? 1. Message 2. Telephone 3. Mail 4. Courier 4–46. An initial message MR for all Class A and B aviation mishaps will be submitted within how many hours? 1. 12 hours 2. 24 hours 3. 36 hours 4. 4 hours 4–47. Aircraft mishap investigations are conducted for which of the following reasons? 1. To determine culpability 2. To determine total damage 3. For  safety  purposes  only 4. For accounting purposes only 4-48. If an aircraft manned by an aircrew is involved in a mishap, which of the following personnel must serve as a member of the aircraft mishap board? 1. AIMD  officer 2. Safety  officer 3. NATOPS qualified officer 4. Aircrew survival qualified officer 4–49. On what form do you report the hazards responsible for a mishap? 4–50. Following a mishap. an MIR must be submitted within how many days? 1. 50 2. 60 3. 30 4. 40 4–51. What is the purpose of the Mishap and Hazard Recommendation Tracking (MISTRAC)   Program? 1. To monitor corrective actions 2. To ensure all hazards are reported 3. To eliminate hazards 4. To identify corrective actions 4-52. Under the MISTRAC program, who monitors corrective action recommendations? 1. ASO 2. CNO 3. COMNAVAIR 4. COMNAVSAFECEN 4-53. When does NAVSAFECEN provide action agencies with a listing of all MISRECs? 1. Semiannually on 1 March and 1 September 2. Semiannually on 1 April and 1 October 3. Annually on 15 January 4. Annually on 1 October 4-54. Who is responsible for providing safety education in a command? 1.  CO 2.  XO 3. EMO 4. ASO 1. Special  HR 2. MIR 3.  MR 4.  HR 26

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