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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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5-39. What is your best defense against drowning? 1. Learn how to swim 2. Beware of cold water 3. Use the buddy system 4. Avoid swimming in lakes or rivers 5-40. YOU develop a cramp in your leg while swimming. Which of the following actions should you take? 1. Tread water and yell for help 2. Take a deep breath and float face up 3. Keep affected leg straight and swim  to  safety 4. Draw your knees toward your chest and massage your cramped leg while moving it 5-41. Unlike  drinking  and  driving, drinking and swimming is safe. 1. True 2. False 5–42. In addition to having a physical examination,    all divers should follow which of the following safety rules? 1. Never drink alcohol before diving 2. Never dive until they have become a good swimmer 3. Never dive alone—use the buddy system 4. All of the above 5-43. During ascent, which of the following safety rules should you practice as a diver? 1. Ascend at about 120 feet per minute 2. Ascend no faster than the slowest air bubble 3. Ascend as fast as the fastest air  bubble 4. Ascend as fast as possible as long as no pain occurs 5-44. What percentage of all boating mishaps with serious injury involve alcohol? 1. 10 percent 2. 20 percent 3. 50 percent 4. 75 percent 5-45. You rented a boat from MWR. Who, if anyone, on board the boat should wear  a  U.S.  Coast  Guard  approved PFD? 1. The  operator 2. All  passengers 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. No one 5-46. Before setting out, you should leave a float plan. Which of the following information should the float plan include? 1. Make and model of the boat 2. Your destination and expected return 3. Telephone number of your next of kin 4. Social security number of the passengers 5-47. When loading a boat, you determine its capacity by which of the following methods? 1. By counting the number of seats 2. By measuring the waterline to the edge of the boat 3. By observing the safe load capacity stamped on the boat 4. By looking at the last passenger count in the boat log 5–48. Improper loading makes a boat unstable. The best place to distribute the load is in which of the following sections of the boat? 1. Aft 2. Middle 3. Forward 4. Half way between middle and aft. 33

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