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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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5-49. Should your boat capsize, what would be the safest action for you to  take? 1. Cling to the boat until help arrives 2. Swim  to  shore 3. Swim away from the boat and float until help arrives 4. Find the anchor and hold on to it 5-50. If someone falls overboard and drifts some distance from the boat, which of the following safety steps should you take? 1. Go into the water after the person 2. Throw a life preserver or rope toward the person 3. Call for help while circling the boat around the person 4. Maneuver the boat toward the person and let him or her hang onto  the  boat 5–51. Safe water skiing requires a minimum of how many people? 1. Five 2. Two 3. Three 4. Four 5-52. When water skiing, you should know what number of audible signals? 1. One 2. TWO 3. Three 4. Four 5-53. Hand signals are used in water skiing as a means of communication between the skier and driver. What is the meaning of a “hand raised with fingers spread”? 5-54. You are skiing at more than 25 mph when you realize that you are going to fall. What should you do after releasing the towline? 1. Stiffen your body before impact 2. Extend your legs and arms forward and fall backward 3. Grab your skis and hold until impact 4. Tuck your head beneath your arms and roll into a ball 5–55. Which of the follouing places is a safe location for firearms shooting practice? 1. In your back yard 2. In your basement 3. Over  water 4. At the target range 5–56. To protect yourself from severe head injuries while bicycling, you should wear which of the following accessories? 1. A heavy head sweatband 2. An ANSI approved helmet 3. A plastic hard hat 4. A metal hard hat 5-57. Navy personnel experience the most mishaps from which of the following winter sports? 1. Snow  skiing 2. Sledding 3. Snowmobiling 4. Ice  skating 5–58. What factor is repeatedly cited as a major contributor to mishaps involving physical fitness? 1. Age 2. Sex 3. Overexertion 4. Physical conditioning 1. “Stop” 2. “I am OK” 3. “Cut the motor” 4 .   “Slow the boat” 34

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