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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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5-59. During softball or baseball games, which, if any, of the following precautions will keep team members from colliding with each other? 1. Use of approved PPE 2. Use of breakaway bases 3. Use of designated players to call off teatmates for fly balls 4. None of the above 5-60. All participants of a boxing competition must attend a precompetition meeting or clinic for which of the following purposes? 1. To size up the competition 2. To weigh all participants 3. To obtain a physical examination 4. To review concepts presented in the Safety Awareness Manual 5-61. While playing golf, you are caught in a thunderstorm. Which of the following precautions should you take? 1. Go to the top of a hill 2. Keep close to wire fences 3. Try to reach thick timber 4. Seek shelter under an isolated tree 5-62. The requirement to wear proper eye protection during a racquetball game applies only to military personnel. 1. True 2. False 5-63. Home fatalities and serious injuries were lower in 1992 than 1991. To which of the following factors can you attribute this significant reduction? 5-64. What type of mishap causes most injuries in the home? 1. Falls 2. Burns 3. Shock 4. Poisoning 5-65. In the average home, most falling mishaps occur in what area? 1. Garage 2. Bedroom 3. Kitchen 4. Bathroom 5-66. The majority of ladders for household use have which of the following ratings? 1. Type I, heavy duty 2. Type II, light duty 3. Type III, light duty 4. Type IV, medium duty 5-67. What measurement of voltage kills more people annually than any other voltage? 1. 6 2. 110 3. 220 4. 440 5-68. Which of the following factors cause most home fires? 1. Defective house wiring 2. Defective electrical equipment 3. Home  cooking 4. Children playing with matches 5-69. Your most reliable source of fire detection  is  your  senses. 1. True 2. False 1. Training 2. Greater safety awareness 3. Command emphasis on preventing off-duty   mishaps 4. All of the above 35

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