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Page Title: Safety in the Home
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same types of PPE that apply to skateboarding also apply  to  these  two  sports. Soccer Americans  have  discovered  what  Europeans  have enjoyed  for  a  long  time—the fast-paced game they call soccer.  However,  as  the  popularity  of  soccer  grows,  so do the mishaps and injuries associated with it. Soccer is a  rough-and-tumble  game.  In  addition  to  scrapes, bruises, and cuts, soccer players suffer sprains, muscle cramps, and broken bones. When playing soccer, wear a knee brace if you need knee support. Wear a mouthpiece to protect your teeth and  your  tongue.  Don’t  wear  chains,  rings,  and  metal wrist bands. If you wear glasses, secure them and make sure the lenses are shatter-proof. Tennis Tennis is a comparatively safe sport, except for the possibility of sprains and overexertion. If you are a tennis player, avoid overexertion in the hot sun and drink plenty of fluids. Wear socks and well-fitted shoes to prevent blisters. Track and Field Track  and  field  events  are  relatively  safe  athletic activities.  Being  in  good  physical  condition  is  extremely important if you are a runner because of the sustained physical exertion on your body. The memory of a well- trained Olympic marathoner barely making it across the finish line is a grim reminder of the rigors of track. Track officials must give immediate help to a runner in danger of collapsing at the end of a race. That prevents the runner from falling and getting injured. Walking Walking is an increasingly popular way to exercise. As the core of an effective fitness program, walking may be  just  what  the  doctor  ordered.  Regular  walking  will normally help in cholesterol   levels attack.  Walking anxiety. Wrestling lowering your blood pressure and Both may reduce the risk of heart may  also  reduce  depression  and The  very  nature  of  wrestling—constant  body contact, sudden falls and movements, and the injury potential of the various wrestling holds—makes it a hazardous  sport.  Qualified  leaders  must  supervise  all wrestling activities to prevent injury to participants. SAFETY IN THE HOME In 1992, home fatalities and serious injuries were significantly lower than in 1991. This improvement is partially  because  of  increased  command  emphasis  on preventing  off-duty  mishaps,  greater  safety  awareness, and  training. You  can  prevent  mishaps,  such  as  children’s poisoning, lawn mower mishaps, and home fires. Most of these mishaps occur because of human error, such as lack   of   knowledge,   inattention   or   distraction,   or intentional  violation  of  safety  practices.  You  and  your family can prevent nearly ALL injuries and deaths that occur in the home. It is up to you to take home the safety measures you learn on the job and teach them to the rest of your family. Slips and Falls Most home mishaps involve falls. Falls are the third leading cause of death for off-duty Navy personnel. Most  people  fall  on  level  surfaces,  not  from  higher places. The following are the most common causes of slips and falls: Slipping on small scatter rugs Walking  on  highly  polished  or  wet  floors Tripping on upturned or torn carpets Walking on dark stairways Standing on chairs to extend one’s reach Falls may happen because of spilled water or grease on  kitchen  floors.  Slippery  conditions  can  exist  because of water on bathroom floors. Toys left on the floor of the living room and other parts of the house are also trip hazards. The  bathroom  is  the  most  common  area  in  the average  home  where  falling  mishaps  take  place. However, bathtub and shower falls have decreased over the last 25 years because of anti-slip bath mats, stick-on applique    slip-proofing,   and  manufacturer-applied slip-proofing. Ladders Every home should have a ladder. If you don’t have one, you should get one and learn to use it properly. Whether you use a ladder to paint a ceiling, to clean out 11-12

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