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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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l In answering questions 1-10 through 1-14, select the zone behavior that corresponds to the stage of team  growth  described  in  each  question. 1-10. 1-11. 1-12. 1-13. 1-14. 1-15. The zone members are constantly testing the ZS. They squabble between themselves and sometimes  challenge  the  ZS’s  authority. 1. Forming 2. Storming 3. Norming 4. Mourning The zone members seem uncertain and full of questions. They appear to be checking out the ZS as well as each other. 1. Forming 2. Storming 3. Norming 4. Performing Production  has  started  to  decline  and  many  zone members  express  discontent  with  new  methods. 1. Forming 2. Storming 3. Norming 4. Mourning The zone is operating efficiently as a team. They can take care of business with PMA. 1. Forming 2. Norming 3. Performing 4. Mourning Which  of  the  following  behaviors  will  best enhance your zone’s morale? 1. Give liberal time off 2. Pay  attention  to  the  individuals  who  make up the team 3. Look at the team as a whole 4. Use  carrot  motivational  techniques When  planning  where  you  are  going  to  spend training time, you should consider which of the following factors as the most important? 1. The  number  of  recruiters  assigned 2. The market covered by each NRS 3. The  RINC’s  requests  for  assistance 4. Your assessment of actual needs 1-16. 1-17. 1-18. 1-19. 1-20. 1-21. Which of the following elements will minimize interference  in  two-way  communication? 1. Feedback 2. Written confirmation 3. Filters 4. Concentration The training program for Navy Recruiting Command  field  activities  includes  which  of  the following elements? 1. The command training plan 2. Training  records  maintenance  instructions 3. Indoctrination  training  requirements 4. All of the above Required training topics should be delivered at which  of  the  following  times? 1. In the month listed only 2. Before or during the month listed only 3. During the month listed or 1 month before or after only 4. During the month listed or 2 months before or  after Topics  listed  with  an  asterisk  in  the  command training  plan  may  be  delivered  by  which  of  the following  means? 1. POD notes only 2. Formal  training  only 3. Formal or OJT only 4. Formal  or  informal  training Training  records  should  include  which  of  the following   documents? 1. Navy  recruiting  personnel  record 2. Training syllabuses and RQS card 3. Indoctrination training record and completion letter 4. All of the above Production recruiters should complete the NRS indoctrination within what maximum period of time  after  reporting  to  the  NRD? 1. 10  days 2. 20 days 3. 30 days 4. 90  days 2

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