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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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1-22. Original indoctrination completion letters should be maintained in which of the following locations? 1. Individual’s  training  record 2. Command  training  file 3. NRS SSIC file 4. Personal  service  record 1-23. Under the RQS system, CRF personnel must qualify at the next higher billet after qualifying in their  present  billet. 1. True 2. False 1-24. All RQS modules must be completed in what maximum period of time? 1. 60  days 2. 180 days 3. 240  days 4. 365 days 1-25. Of the following personnel, which may approve an  exception  to  RQS  qualification  time  due  to emergency leave? 1. EPO  only 2. CO only 3. EPO and CO only 4. EPO, XO, and CO 1-26. A CRF member reports to a new district. The member was RQS qualified as a RINC and had started ZS qualifications. What RQS requirements must be met at the new NRD? 1. A full RQS RINC board must be conducted within 3 months of the reporting date 2. The  RINC  RQS  modules  must  be  resigned and an RQS board conducted with 4 months 3. The member remains RINC qualified and must complete the ZS module by original maximum  qualification  date 4. The member must completely requalify as a RINC  within  6  months 1-27. The RQS tracking report should be submitted at which of the following times? 1. As changes occur 2. Monthly 3. Quarterly 4. Annually 1-28. Most  RQS  training  should  be  conducted  by which of the following methods? 1. Demonstration 2. Lecture 3. Formal  training  session 4. Guided  discussion 1-29. Your  signature  as  qualifier  on  the  RQS  sheet represents your certification of which of the following  conditions? 1. The individual has received training in all modules 2. The individual is fully prepared for the final  qualification  board 3. The individual has performed each task listed in the modules 4. The individual has met the qualification time 1-30. Of the following types of questions, which is most effective for an RQS board? 1. Conceptual 2. Leading 3. Rote  memory 4. Trick 1-31. Training needs should be confirmed by which of the following means? 1. DPR 2. Activity analysis 3. Personal   observation 4. The recruiter’s opinion 1-32. In  the  guided  discussion  teaching  method,  the instructor should fill which of the following functions? 1. Mediator 2. Facilitator 3. Instigator 4. Debater 1-33. Select the basic components of a learning objective. 1. Behavior,  condition,  and  standard 2. Condition,  accuracy,  and  time 3. Time,  standard,  and  method 4. Demonstration, performance, and evaluation 3

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