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Page Title: Create Interest
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for   phone   rejection.    The  courtesy  statement  also establishes initial rapport with the prospect. Create Interest This step immediately uses the initial rapport the recruiter has established to further show the prospect why he or she should be interested in meeting with the recruiter  face  to  face. Example: DEAR  (PROSPECTS  FIRST  NAME), I’m  looking  forward  to  meeting  with  you  personally  on (DATE) (TIME) (LOCATION) RECRUITERS  SIGNATURE,  U.S.  NAVY Ask for the Appointment This  step  is  where  we  meet  the  objective  of  the phone call. In the previous steps, the recruiter mentions getting  together. Now,  the  recruiter  continues immediately by suggesting a couple of alternate times for  the  appointment.  By  offering  alternate  times  or  days, the  recruiter  has  given  the  prospect  two  choices,  either of which is acceptable. If asked, “Can we set a time to get together?”, the prospect still has two choices. The difference is that the choice of saying no is not to the recruiter’s  advantage. Ensuring the Appointment To   decrease   the   no-show   rate,   make   the appointment  at  a  location  convenient  for  the  applicant. The  ideal  location  for  the  interview  is  in  the  Navy recruiting station (NRS). It is easier for recruiters to control  the  interview  in  their  own  environment. Additionally,  recruiting  aids  and  evidence  are  more readily available. There are times, however, when it will be more advantageous to set the appointment outside the  office.  If  transportation  is  a  problem  for  the applicant or if the recruiter has already planned to be in the  area,  outside  appointments  may  be  preferred. Recruiters should always restate the date, day, time, and place of the appointment to confirm in the prospect’s mind the agreement to meet with them and make sure the  appointment  won’t  be  forgotten.  There  are  two insurance  policies  that  also  will  help  recruiters  cut  down on their no-show rates. REMINDER NOTE.–  If the appointment is several days  away,  write  a  brief  note  or  postcard. REMINDER   CALL.–   The  evening  before  the scheduled appointment, contact the prospect and, using steps  1  and  2  of  the  appointment  power  technique, explain that your schedule has changed slightly. You will  be  a  few  minutes  early  or  late  (whichever  you choose) and you were wondering if that would affect the prospect’s schedule. Another idea to use for your reminder call is to call the prospect ahead of time and tell him or her that you would like to know where his or her interests lie before you get together so you can be sure to have information available. At this point, you will find out if the prospect is a bona fide appointment or a scheduled no-show. If it is the latter, determine why,  overcome  the  objection,  and  try  to  reschedule  the appointment. Don’t waste gas or your most valuable asset – time – by driving or waiting in your office for a prospect  who  has  no  intention  of  keeping  the appointment. Handling Objections Prospects  frequently  raise  objections  to  meeting with  recruiters.  Make  sure  your  recruiters  understand that  this  is  not  a  failure  on  their  part  to  sell  the appointment,  but  a  display  of  human  nature.  We  have conditioned ourselves to say no to phone solicitations and ask “What’s the catch?” when offered a benefit. As with   phone rejection,   recruiters   should   expect objections, so they will be more prepared to deal with them. A refusal to meet on Tuesday or Wednesday may not be a turndown. The prospect may simply need a more  desirable  day.  If  the  individual  is  unable  to  meet with the recruiter on several alternative dates, chances are it’s an excuse not to set an appointment. Find out what  the  real  objection  is  and  return  to  the  appointment power  script.  Make  sure  you  understand  what  the prospect  is  objecting  to.  Seek  referrals  even  if  you cannot secure an appointment. 6-5

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