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Page Title: CRF Converts to Navy Counselor
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CRF Converts to Navy Counselor Considerations In fiscal year 1980, all CRF members converted to the Navy Counselor (NC) rating. CHNAVPERS split advancement quotas for fleet and recruiting NCs. CRF  Academy The  CRF  Academy  began  classes  in  1989  at  the Navy  Recruiting  Orientation  Unit  (NORU),  then  in Orlando,  Florida.  The  first  director  of  the  CRF Academy,  NCCM  C.L.  “Roy”  Harscher,  designed  the curriculum  to  train  the  trainers  and  reinforce  the consistency  and  leadership  skills  of  our  cadre.  The monumental  task  of  graduating  all  previous  CRF members was completed in 1992 after NORU moved to the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida. All new CRF selectees must successfully complete the 6-week CRF Academy  before  rating  conversion. CRF Examination In January 1993, CRF chief candidates competed in the  first  advancement  examination  specifically  written for the CRF. This step further refines our force and guarantees that the best possible candidates advance in rate. CRF SELECTIONS CRF selections consist of proven volunteer recruiters who  will  fill  key  middle  management  billets.  CRF selectees  must  possess  a  thorough  knowledge  of recruiting techniques and management systems as well as  a  proven  record  of  successfully  imparting  that knowledge  to  others. CRF Selection Board The CRF selection board meets three times each year in March, July, and November. Board members carefully screen each application looking for the right combination of leadership skills and recruiting abilities. Application  Procedures A  NAVADMIN  message  issued  3  months  before each  board  provides  current  eligibility  criteria  and application  procedures.  The  Enlisted  Transfer  Manual, NAVPERS  15909D,  gives  general  requirements  and initial  assignment  policy. Whether thinking about the CRF for yourself or recommending   others,   you   need   to   give   careful consideration  to  the  arduous  and  often  very  independent nature  of  recruiting  duty.  Once  selected,  members  are expected to remain in the CRF for the remainder of their careers.  Consider  the  number  of  years  you  or  your subordinate expects to remain on active duty. Then, decide if the stressful pace of recruiting can be endured for  that  length  of  time.  Other  considerations  include  loss of sea time/pay, few opportunities to work on warfare qualifications,  and  advancement  opportunities  compared to the current rating. This is not meant to deter any qualified individual from application; however, it is not a commitment anyone should make lightly. SCOPE OF THE CAREER RECRUITER FORCE COMNAVCRUITCOM  never  filled  the  original  750 CRF billets due to stringent selection criteria. By 1993, CHNAVPERS  had  reduced  the  CRF  to  576  billets. As a CRF member, you may feel tasked to fill the shoes of a doctor, lawyer, counselor, marketing analyst, arbiter,  or  a  myriad  of  other  highly  technical occupations. This cacophony of career callings can be tuned to a triad of responsibility: .     Leader. As a leader, you will provide motivation and inspiration by providing your troops with a role  model  for  personal  and  professional conduct. l     Trainer. As a trainer, you will train by example as well as formal instruction. l   Manager. As a manager, you will use various marketing and analysis systems to determine training  needs  and  leadership  techniques. Look  at  figure  1-1.  A  CRF  member  must  be  a leader,  trainer,  and  manager.  The  inverted  triangle emphasizes  the  concept  that  leading  and  training  your people  can  minimize  the  need  for  managing  your systems. CRF ASSIGNMENTS Let’s take a look at the actual assignments available within   the   CRF   community   and   some   of   the requirements of the positions. 1-2

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