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Page Title: Recruiters-In-Charge of Large Stations
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Figure  1-1.–The  Career  Recruiting  Force  member  must  be  a leader, trainer, and manager. RECRUITERS-IN-CHARGE OF LARGE STATIONS CRF   selectees   must   have   already   exhibited leadership  in  a  RINC  position.  E-6  and  E-7  CRF members should be able to effectively run stations with three to four recruiters assigned. RINCs  are  required  to  complete  RINC  recruiter qualification standards (RQS) and to attend a RINC course conducted by the Navy Recruiting Area (NRA). ZONE SUPERVISORS ZSs train RINCs and coordinate all functions of the recruiting stations assigned. They are responsible for using all assets to meet assigned goals. CRF personnel in paygrades E-7 and E-8 should be able to effectively lead a zone. ZSs must be graduates of the  CRF  Academy,  complete  ZS  RQS,  and  have successful  RINC  experience. CHIEF  RECRUITERS Chief recruiters (CRS) train ZSs, special program recruiters,  and  district  trainers  (DTs).  They  are responsible for using all assets to meet the NRD goals. CR   candidates   must   be   E-8s   or   E-9s   and   be recommended  for  the  position  by  their  NRD commanding officer (CO) and area commander (AC). They must have a minimum of 3 years of experience as a ZS or a combination of 3 years as a ZS, Area trainer, NORU  instructor,  Mobile  Inspection  Training  Team (MITT) inspector, or CNRC staffer. They must graduate from the CRF Academy and successfully complete the CR  course  at  NORU.  Candidates  must  spend  10  working days  at  their  current  NRD  headquarters  (or  closest  NRD headquarters  for  off-production  personnel)  for  hands-on training and experience before their certification board. The 10 days do not have to be consecutive, but should be on days where they may participate in evolutions outside their normal scope of responsibility. A CR board will   determine   their   final   qualification.   Upon certification  by  the  board,  members  are  eligible  for assignment to a CR billet. Those not certified by the board must wait a minimum of 3 months to re-board. E-9 selectees must attend the CR course within 2 years of their selection date. AREA  COMMAND  MASTER  CHIEFS Area  command  master  chiefs  (ACMCs)  must  be E-9s  and  have  CR  experience. CNRC COMMAND MASTER CHIEF The  CNRC  command  master  chief  (CMC)  is selected  personally  by  COMNAVCRUITCOM. NORU  BILLETS The CMC at NORU must be an E-9 with ACMC experience. The MITT chief inspector must be an E-9 with CR experience. Instructor billets at NORU are for E-7  through  E-9  members  with  ZS  experience. OTHER CRF BILLETS Other  billets  available  to  the  CRF  community include  the  following: Director of the Exhibit Center, an E-9 billet CNRC staff billets for E-7 through E-9 with ZS experience Directors of Navy recruiting processing stations (DNRPSs) The exam and TRAMAN writer at the Naval Education  and  Training  Program  Management Support Activity (NETPMSA) for an E-8 or E-9 with  ZS  experience 1-3

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