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Page Title: Lesson Plan Format
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l Condition. This explains under what condition the student should be able to perform or exhibit the knowledge  or  skill. l  Standard.  This  explains  to  what  degree  the student should be able to perform. The standard may be expressed explicitly as “with 90 percent accuracy” or subjectively   as “demonstrate   an   effective   sales presentation.” The word  effective is the standard. Terminal  Objectives The terminal objective is a specific statement of the performance expected. It should translate directly to tasks performed on the job. This is what you want the student to be able to do with the training provided. Enabling  Objectives Enabling objectives are specific statements of the behavior   to   be   exhibited.   They   are   written   with conditions and standards appropriate to the learning environment. Enabling objectives may include knowledge  and  skills  that  support  a  terminal  objective. These are the steps you want the student to accomplish in order to meet the terminal objective. LESSON PLAN FORMAT Figure 2-5 is a sample lesson plan format that you can copy and use to develop your own lesson plans. The format   provides   a   logical   and   smooth   flow   of information for ease in delivery and learning. Establish Contact Introduce yourself and the subject matter. Give a brief history of your experience to credentialize yourself as  a  subject  matter  expert. Establish  Readiness This  step  is  meant  to  gain  the  attention  of  the students.  You  may  want  to  use  analogies,  personal experiences, anecdotes, and so on, as long as they are in good taste and relate to the lesson subject matter. Your objective is to create a desire on the part of the student to concentrate on the subject matter ahead. Review This is an optional step. You may want to review what the students should already know or briefly cover points made in previous lessons. Establish  Effect This is the motivation step. Stress the reasons why the  students  need  to  learn  the  skill  or  knowledge.  This step  is  designed  to  increase  student  confidence  by relating  the  lesson  to  past  experiences  and  future successes. Give the students “the real benefit to them.” State  Objectives Review  the  learning  objectives  and  teaching  steps  to be  attained.  Make  sure  the  students  understand  what activity will be required of them and how they will be evaluated,  if  applicable. Bridging/Transition Guide students into the body of the lesson. Focus their attention on the first objective or teaching step. Body The body of the lesson plan contains the information you are going to deliver as well as methodology. LEFT  COLUMN.–  This  column  contains  the information the instructor must teach and the students must learn. It contains the elements of presentation, application,  and  evaluation. RIGHT  COLUMN.–  This column is used by the instructor    to    reflect    how    the    lesson    will    be accomplished. It contains instructor’s notes, cautions, and notes. Planned  questions,  transitions,  and  interim summaries  may  be  listed  here.  Reminders  to  use verbal/visual support, equipment, and visual aids may be listed in the right column. Time lines for delivery and references  may  also  be  listed  here.  Safety  and  security notes can be reflected as well. The right column of the body is a catchall for any information that will assist the instructor. It should be personalized by each person using the lesson plan. Conclusion The conclusion is a wrap-up of the lesson and a preliminary preparation for the next lesson. It contains 2-12

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