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Page Title: Perscrived Tour of Duty
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completion of a successful tour of duty in recruiting and at the recommendation of their CO or officer in charge. CRF personnel, CLOs, and RDAC members will be eligible for the ribbon upon each completion of  3  consecutive  years  of  recruiting  duty.  CANREC and ADSW recruiting personnel will also be eligible for  the  ribbon  after  completion  of  3  consecutive  years of  combined  recruiting  duty  provided  no  break  in service of more than 60 days occurs during the period. Prescribed Tour of Duty The  member’s  projected  rotation  date  (PRD)  from recruiting  as  established  by  CHNAVPERS  for  officers and enlisted is considered the end of a qualifying tour of duty. Personnel who completed a minimum of 18 months on recruiting duty but who were transferred before their original PRD to a nonrecruiting activity may  submit  a  waiver  request  to  CNRC.  Personnel who  were  fault  transferred  are  not  eligible  for  the Navy  Recruiting  Service  Ribbon  and  waivers  will  not be  considered. Precedence  and  Subsequent Awards The  Navy  Recruiting  Service  Ribbon  will  be  worn after  the  Overseas  Service  Ribbon  and  before  the Armed  Forces  Reserve  Medal. Second   and subsequent  awards  will  be  denoted  by  3/16-inch bronze stars. A 3/16-inch silver star will be worn in place  of  a  sixth  award. The  award  consists  of  a ribbon bar only. No  citation  or  certificate  will  be issued. FOLLOW-ON  TOUR  GUARANTEES Personnel  reporting  to  NRDs  as  production recruiters  will  be  guaranteed  choice  of  coast assignment upon completion of a full 3-year tour in recruiting. However, if fleet balance is not within 5 percent,  the  coast  of  choice  is  determined  by  the enlisted  assignment  branch.  Options  include  choice  of home  port  or  type  of  sea  duty  command  on  the selected coast if a valid requirement for rate/rating exists or training of choice provided the member is qualified for the training desired, quotas are available, and   training   can   best   support   fleet   readiness requirements. Members  should  make  their  duty preferences known to their detailers 9 to 15 months before  their  PRD  from  recruiting  duty. PARTIAL SEA DUTY CREDIT FOR PRODUCTION RECRUITER TOURS To  make  recruiting  more  attractive  as  a  duty option   and   provide   an   incentive   for   hard-to-fill production  recruiter  assignments,  production  recruiters (NEC 9585) reporting to NRDs will receive partial sea duty  credit  for  rotation  purposes  according  to  the following guidelines: .  Members  serving  in  NEC  9585  billets  who transition to NEC 9586 billets will earn partial sea duty  credit  for  the  period  they  complete  as  production recruiters.  Partial  sea  duty  credit  is  not  approved  for time  spent  performing  the  duties  of  a  recruiter  or classifier. l  Sea  duty  credit  is  given  based  on  NRD assignment. Credits by NRD are listed in the  Enlisted Transfer  Manual,   NAVPERS   15909.   Production recruiters   will   receive   the   sea   duty   aedit   upon successful completion of a 36-month tour. Members will  be  given  sea  duty  credit  for  the  period  of  an extension at the same rate they earn for their original tour; for example, if a member received 24 months’ credit for a 36-month tour, that member will receive 8 months of additional credit for a l-year extension. Sea  duty  credit  is  authorized  for  one  extension  only. PROFESSIONAL GOAL SETTING Most  of  you  have  probably  studied  goal  setting  in one  of  the  Navy’s  leadership  schools. In  the following paragraphs we will apply goal setting to the recruiting  environment.  You  should  set  your  own goals as well as encourage and assist your recruiters with  their  professional  goal  setting.  Zig  Ziglar  has often said, “You can get everything you want in life if  you  help  enough  other  people  get  what  they  want.” Realization  of  your  recruiters’  professional  goals  will usually put you on the road to achieving your own. PLANNING Goal  setting  is  the  art  of  planning.  Everyone understands  the  importance  of  planning,  but  it  is seldom  sufficient  y  used  There  are  two  major  reasons for this. First, while planning is important, it is never urgent.  You  can  put  off  planning  because  of  daily emergencies. Of  course,  planning  is  the  very  thing that can keep these same emergencies to a minimum. The second reason is that typical managers are people 3-9

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