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Page Title: Positive Reinforcement
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executive officer (XO), and enlisted programs officer (EPO) each attend a minimum of one DEP meeting each  month.  The  CO  also  ensures  one  meeting  in each zone is attended by either the CR, EPO, XO, or CO. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT When new DEP members finish at MEPS, they have just made a big step in their lives. For some, it represents  the  first  major  decision  they  have  faced.  It must  be  positively  reinforced,  immediately  and throughout their DEP period. The recruiter should meet the newly sworn-in DEP members at MEPS or the  NRS,  if  possible.  Reinforce  and  congratulate  their decision  to  join  the  Navy  and  the  program  they selected. Explain to new DEP members that they may encounter some negative responses to their decision. Offer to meet with the DEPper and any individual providing     negative     input     to     clear     up     any misconceptions.  Those  individuals  who  decline  to attend  will  lose  credibility.  If  they  do  agree  to  a meeting, be careful not to challenge anyone’s beliefs. Use   your   sales   training.   Within   72   hours   after processing,  the  RINC  and  recruiter  should  meet  with the  new  DEP  member.  Include  parents,  spouse,  or guidance  counselor  when  possible.  Have  the  new DEP  member  come  to  the  office  for  indoctrination. All recruiters in the office should congratulate new DEP members. Take their pictures, add their name to the  DEP  status  board,  and  generally  make  a  big production.  After  they  have  been  welcomed  to  the Navy  team,  conduct  the  DEP  indoctrination.  Present them  with  DEP  handouts  and  a  schedule  of  DEP meetings and   provide   information   on   DEP requirements  and  referrals. Always   treat   DEP personnel as sailors. Don’t  use  them  for  the  dirty work. Instead,  show assignments  and  provide the recruiting mission. WARNING  SIGNALS them  the  importance  of motivation  to  contribute  to Supervisors  should  always  be  alert  to  warning signals of ineffective DEP leadership. Some include high DEP or RTC attrition, numerous roll-outs and reclassifications,   and   a   decline   in   DEP   referral contracts. PREVENTIVE  MAINTENANCE These warning signals are usually the result of DEP  mismanagement  over  a  period  of  time.  Let’s take  a  look  at  some  preventive  maintenance  that  can preclude  these  more  drastic  warning  signals. Check Prospect Cards Check P-cards to ensure two required contacts are made  each  month,  at  least  one  of  which  is  face  to face.  Look  at  DEP  meeting  attendance.  Check  the card for referrals and awards. Check for Referrals Besides  each  DEP  member’s  P-card,  check  for referrals on the DEP status board and make sure a recruiting recognition request form has been initiated. Attend DEP Meetings RINCs   should   always   attend   station   DEP meetings. They may be run by the recruiters, but the RINC should be there. The ZS should attend as many zone  DEP  meetings  as  possible. This  should  be accomplished   whether   there   are   identified   DEP leadership  problems  or  not.  Observe  the  operation  of the  meeting.  Is  there  a  professional  atmosphere?  Are military titles being used instead of first names? Is training conducted? Was the material presented in an interesting   manner? Was  a  schedule  or  agenda followed?  What  percent  of  the  DEP  members  were  in attendance?  What  kind  of  enthusiasm  was  shown during the meeting? Were DEP members asked for and did they provide referrals? Were any guests in attendance?  If  so,  were  they  introduced  and  made  to feel  welcome? The  question  that  needs  to  be answered  is,    “Would   I   continue   to   attend   DEP meetings if I were one of these DEP members?” Executive  Telephone  Screening ZSs  must  conduct  an  executive  telephone screening  with  25  percent  of  each  station’s  DEP members each month. A script to use for executive telephone screenings can be found in the  Science  and Art of Navy Recruiting Manual, COMNAVCRUIT- COMINST 1133.6. The telephone screening script is designed  to  identify  potential  problems  with  individual DEP members as well as overall DEP operation. DEP personnel  who  cannot  answer  your  questions  are  not well briefed and will likely be ill-prepared for active duty. 8-18

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