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Page Title: Chapter V Manpower Management
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CHAPTER 5 MANPOWER MANAGEMENT The Navy’s concern for effective management of manpower resources has never been greater, especially with  the  reduction  of  the  U.S.  Armed  Forces.  Navy manpower strength will certainly decrease. The Navy’s objective in manpower management is to distribute personnel to activities where their talents are required and are best used. As a Personnelman first class (PN1) or  Chief  Personnel  man  (PNC)  you  need  to  have knowledge  of  manpower  management.  This  chapter  is designed  to  provide  you  with  the  knowledge  and terminology   to   help   you   understand   manpower management.  When  you  prepare  manpower  change requests, refer to this chapter, OPNAVINST 1000.16G, and  other  pertinent  publications. MANUAL OF NAVY TOTAL FORCE MANPOWER POLICIES AND PROCEDURES OPNAVINST 1000.16G is the same document as the  title  Manual   of   Navy   Total   Force   Manpower Policies  and  Procedures  implies.  The  title  has  been changed  through  the  years,  with  this  being  the  latest. Changes,  of  course,  have  been  incorporated  in  all revisions to show the latest information and procedures. OPNAVINST 1000.16G aids all levels of the chain of command  in  the  management  of  total  force  manpower resources.  The  manual  describes  how  the  Navy determines,  forecasts,  and  programs  manpower  for ships,  aviation  squadrons,  shore  activities,  staffs,  and new  developments.  The  manpower  managers  and  others involved in the management of manpower resources use this manual. Manpower managers are commanders, commanding officers (COs), officers in charge (OICs), and  staff  personnel  who  have  control  of  manpower resources. PURPOSES The  Manual  of  Navy  Total  Force  Manpower Policies and Procedures, OPNAVINST 1000.16G, has several important purposes. Some of them are listed as follows: Provide   information,   outline   policy   and procedures,  and  assign  responsibilities  for  the  various programs  that  document  the  Navy’s  wartime  and peacetime demand for manpower assets. Provide information and outline procedures for programming  manpower,  determining  future  manpower requirements,  and  a  description  of  Hardware/Manpower (HARDMAN)  Integration.  The  HARDMAN  process  is a  Navywide  standardized  set  of  procedures.  This process identifies the manpower, personnel, and training requirements for all ships and aircraft systems acquired through  the  Weapon  Systems  Acquisition  Process (WSAP). Issue policies of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)  on  Navy  total  force  manpower. provide  information,  policies,  and  procedures about the Navy’s officer subspecialty system. Appoint and assign responsibilities to resource sponsors and manpower managers. A resource sponsor is   an   OPNAV   principal   official   responsible   for combining resources that form inputs to warfare and supporting  tasks. Assign responsibilities to manpower claimants. In   the   resource   management   system,   manpower claimants are the major commanders or bureaus that are authorized manpower resources directly by the CNO for the accomplishment of the assigned mission and tasks. Assign responsibilities to COs and OICs for the review and management of their manpower. Issue  codes  that  are  not  contained  in  other publications for use in manpower authorizations. Provide  comprehensive  definitions  and  planning guidance for manpower in all mobilization phases. Establish procedures for requesting changes to manpower   authorizations.   Provide   examples   of properly prepared Manpower Authorization Change Requests,  OPNAV  1000/4A. Define  the  Manpower  Claimant  Access  Support System (MANCLASS) role as the vehicle to submit manpower authorization change requests via the chain of  command  to  update  the  Navy  Manpower  Data Accounting  System  (NMDAS)  billet  file.  MANCLASS 5-1

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