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Page Title: DD Form 1172
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1173. Refer to figure 3-11 showing the front and back of an intentionally voided DD Form 1173. ELIGIBLE  DEPENDENTS.—   The  following dependents are eligible for issuance of this ID card. However, this list is not inclusive. Spouses, ant/or unmarried legitimate children, adopted  children,  and  stepchildren  under  age  21  who have a documented or biological relationship to the sponsor Children 21 years old and enrolled full-time in an  institution  of  higher  learning  are  eligible  for continued benefits until age 23 as long as they remain unmarried PRIVILEGES.— Dependents are issued ID cards for the purpose of obtaining benefits for which they are eligible as a result of their dependency. Depending on eligibility, these benefits may range from medical care in civilian facilities and in uniformed services facilities to  commissary  privileges,  theater  privileges,  and exchange privileges. Whenever you are tasked with typing DD Form 1173s for dependents of active duty or Figure  3-11.—Uniformed  Services  Identification  and Privilege Card, DD Form 1173. retired military personnel, make sure you refer to the Entitlement   Guide   section   of   the   BUPERSINST 1750.10 to determine which privileges to authorize. DD Form 1172 Before a DD Form 1173 can be issued to eligible dependents, an Application for Uniformed Services Identification  Card/DEERS  Enrollment,  DD  Form 1172, is required. DD Form 1172 must be completed according to the guidelines set forth in BUPERSINST 1750.10. If  you  are  working  in  the  ID  Card  section  of  a PERSUPPDET that has access to DEERS, you will be able to prepare the DD Form 1172 using the RAPIDS computer and subsequently issue the DD Form 1173 directly to the recipient.     If  you  are  attached  to  a command that does not have a RAPIDS computer, you will be required to use a floppy disk to prepare this form and a printer. Always  make  sure  you  verify  eligibility  by checking  appropriate  documents  in  the  member’s service  record.  You  are  reminded  that  the  Emergency Data/Dependency Application, NAVPERS 1070/602, and, if appropriate, the Dependency Action Status, NAVCOMPT 3072, are not acceptable for determining ID card eligibility of dependents. You should always verify  such  documents  as  marriage  contract,  birth certificates,  and/or  other  legal  documents  that  establish the  relationship  between  the  member  and  the dependents. If  information  required  to  determine eligibility for issuance of ID cards is missing from the service record, it is the responsibility of the service record holder and the member concerned to obtain these documents. ID  cards  for  dependents  of  retired  personnel  may be obtained at the nearest PERSUPPDET, provided the dependents  are  enrolled  in  DEERS.  Personnel  at  the PERSUPPDETs  are  able  to  verify  whether  or  not dependents  are  enrolled  in  DEERS  by  using  the RAPIDS  computer. If  the  dependents  are  not  enrolled  in  DEERS because  they  were  recently  acquired,  you  must  enter them in the DEERS using the RAPIDS computer. If you  are  tasked  with  issuing  ID  cards  for  these dependents, make sure you ask for and examine the following  appropriate  documents: Sponsor’s DD Form 214 Sponsor’s marriage license 3-22

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