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Page Title: Assignment 1, Continued
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1-14. 1-15. 1-16. 1-17. 1-18. 1-19. 1-20 1-21 How many feet are in a nautical mile? 1. 6,071.6 2. 6,076.1 3. 6,671.0 4. 6,760.6 Navigation is based on what type of time? 1. Greenwich mean time 2. 12-hour  clock 3. 24-hour  clock 4. 48-hour  clock Which of the following lines is/are considered  to  be  a  great  circle? 1. The  equator 2. A plane passing through the center  of  Earth 3. Both 1 and 2 above Which of the following lines is NOT a  great  circle? 1. Greenwich Meridian 2. Parallel 3. Equator 4. International Date Line On  navigation  charts,  what  are parallels   called? 1. Equator 2. Latitude 3. Longitude 4. Great  circle Lines  of  latitude  are  parallel  to which  of  the  following  reference points? 1. Equator 2. Greenwich   Meridian 3. International  Date  Line 4. North  Pole  and  South  Pole What is the maximum number of degrees  of  latitude? 1. 45 2. 90 3. 180 4. 360 Latitude  is  measured  north  or  south of the equator in which of the following  units? 1. Degrees 2. Minutes 3. Seconds 4. Each of the above 1-22. 1-23. 1-24. 1-25. 1-26. 1-27. 1-28. Why is the Greenwich Meridian called  the  Prime  Meridian? 1. It divides the Earth in half 2. It meets the equator at 45O angles 3. It is the starting point for all  measurements 4. It is crossed at its midpoint by  the  equator How  is  longitude  measured? 1. East  or  west  throughout  180° 2. East  or  west  throughout  360° 3. From  the  Prime  Meridian  180° eastward  only 4. From the Prime Meridian 360° westward  only A nautical chart is like a road map for the world's oceans and inland waterways. 1. True 2. False Which of the following data can be found on a nautical chart? 1. Parallels 2. Meridians 3. Aids  to  navigation 4. All of the above In  what  vicinity  is  the  distortion greatest  on  a  Mercator  Projection Chart? 1. 180th  meridian 2. Greenwich   Meridian 3. At the poles 4. At  the  Equator How do parallels appear on a Mercator  Projection  Chart? 1. As curved lines that bend toward the top of the chart 2. As parallel lines that run from top to bottom 3. As parallel lines that run from left to right 4. As  vertical  lines  that  are parallel and equally spaced One of the advantages of a Mercator Projection  Chart  is  that  rhumb lines appear as what type of lines? 1. Straight 2. Waved 3. Curved 2

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