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Page Title: Assignment 1, Continued
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1-29. Which of the following is an advantage  of  a  Gnomonic  Projection Chart? 1. Plots great circles as straight lines 2. Shows  the  shortest  distance between  two  points 3. Can be used to plan long ocean voyages 4. Each of the above 1-30. Which of the following data would NOT appear on a navigation chart? 1. Soundings  and  buoys 2. Lights  and  obstructions 3. Distance  scales  and  fathom curves 4. Tides  and  currents IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 1-31 THROUGH 1-35, SELECT FROM COLUMN B THE SCALE THAT IS USED BY THE CHART IN COLUMN A. RESPONSES MAY BE USED MORE THAN ONCE. A.CHART B. SCALE 1-31. Coastal 1. 1:50,000 1-32. General 2. 1:150,000 1-33. Harbor 3. 1:6,000,000 1-34. Approach 1-35. Sailing 1-36. Which  of  the  following  statements best describes a chart scale? 1. The larger the scale, the larger the area 2. The smaller the scale, the smaller the area 3. The larger the scale, the smaller the area 4. The smaller the scale, the larger the area 1-37. Which of the following scale ratios would  show  the  greatest  detail? 1. 1 to 5,000,000 2. 1 to 500,000 3. 1 to 50,000 4. 1 to 5,000 1-38. Nautical  charts  are  published  by DMAHTC and what other agency? 1. National  Ocean  Office 2. National Ocean Program 3. National  Ocean  Service 4. National  Ocean  Bureau 1-39. On a small scale chart, how is each degree  usually  broken  down? 1. Into  whole  degrees  only 2. Into  minutes  only 3. Into  minutes  and  seconds  only 4. Into  degrees,  minutes,  and seconds 1-40. On the Earth's surface, 1 deqree of latitude  is  equivalent  to  how  many nautical  miles? 1-41 1-42 1-43 1-44. 1. 1.0 2. 10.0 3. 0.1 4 . 60.0 If you are located at latitude 36°30.0'N,  longitude  75°30.0'W,  how many nautical miles are you from the equator? 1. 3,360 2. 2,190 3. 3,400 4. 4,530 What is the principal use of dividers  in  navigation? 1. To divide a line into equal parts 2. To transfer distance on a chart 3. To  draw  distance  circles 4. To plot the distance of a known object On  the  Mercator  Projection,  how  do meridians  appear? 1. As  parallel  lines  whose  spacing increases  as  longitude increases 2. As curved lines that bend toward the point where the projection  was  made 3. As  horizontal  lines  that  are parallel and equally spaced 4. As  straight  lines  that  are parallel  and  equally  spaced On a Mercator Projection, how does a rhumb line appear? 1. 2. 3. 4. As a curved line that is a great  circle  track As a curved line that is the shortest  distance  between  two points As a straight line that is parallel  to  all  meridians As a straight line that crosses every meridian at the same angle 3

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