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Page Title: Assignment 12, Continued
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12-50. The  difference  between  the dry-bulb  and  wet-bulb  readings  is called  "the  wet-bulb  depression." 1. True 2. False IN  ANSWERING  QUESTION  12-51,  REFER  TO TABLE 10-2 IN YOUR TEXT. 12-51. 12-52. 12-53. 12-54. 12-60. 12-55. What is the dewpoint if the wet-bulb  temperature  is  62°F  and the  dry-bulb  temperature  is  69°F? 1. 65°F 2. 58°F 3. 53°F 4. 47°F When under way, how close must ships be in order for the OTC to designate  a  weather  reporting ship? 1. 5 mi 2. 10 mi 3. 15 mi 4. 20 mi When a ship in the close proximity of  other  ships  has  been  designated the  weather  observation  and reporting  guard  ship,  what information,  if  any,  must  the exempted  ships  note  on  their weather  observation  forms? 1.    Name of the OTC and effective dates/times 2.    Name of the guard ship and effective  dates/times 3.    Name of the port and closest U.S.  manned  weather  reporting activity 4. None When CNOC 3140/8 is used, what part is used for Synoptic Code Message  Format? 1.   I 2.   II 3.   III 4.  IV The  duplicate  copy  of  the  weather observation  form  must  be  retained on board for what length of time? 12-61. 1. 1 yr 2. 2 yr 3. 3 yr 4. 6 mo 12-56. 12-57. 12-58. 12-59. Entries should be made on the weather observation form with what type of marker? 1.    Black  ball  point  pen 2. Blue ball point pen 3. No. 2 lead pencil 4. No. 3 lead pencil If an error is discovered after the encoded data from a weather observation form has been transmitted,  how  should  you correct it? 1. Draw a red pencil line through the  erroneous  data  and  enter the correct data above it 2. Erase the erroneous data and enter  the  correct  data 3. White out the erroneous data and enter the correct data 4. Draw a black ball-point pen line  through  the  erroneous data  and  enter  the  correct data above it Which  of  the  following  times  will be the first entry of a new day on the  weather  observation  form? 1. 0000 GMT 2. 0000 LMT 3. 2356 GMT 4. 2359 ZT Which  of  the  following  observation designators should be entered in column 1 of the weather observation  form  for  an observation  that  is  taken  between hourly  observations? 1. SA 2. L 3. SP 4. RS When you are filling out the date column  of  the  weather  observation form,  which  of  the  following entries should be used? 1. 26 OCTOBER 1985 2.    OCTOBER 26 1985 3. 1985 OCT 26 4. 26 OCT 1985 Which  of  the  following  entries should be used to record a barometer  reading  of  1006.8 millibars  on  the  weather observation  form? 1. 06.8 2. 006.8 3. 068 4. 1006.8 82

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