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Page Title: Assignment 12, Continued
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12-62. Which of the following entries should be entered in column 12 of the weather observation form for a sea  level  barometer  reading  of 1023.8  millibars? 1. 023 2. 23.8 3. 238 4. 1023 12-63. How often and by what precedence must ships transmit weather observations when the surface winds are greater than 34 knots? 1. Every 6 hours, priority 2. Every  6  hours,  immediate 3. Every 3 hours, priority 4. Every  3  hours,  immediate IN  ANSWERING  QUESTIONS  12-64  AND  12-65, SELECT THE FUNCTION FROM COLUMN B THAT MATCHES THE EQUIPMENT IN COLUMN A. NOT ALL RESPONSES ARE USED. A. EQUIPMENT B. FUNCTION 12-64. Helm  Unit 1.  The  steering 12-65. Lee  Helm 2. Means by which 3. Means by which wheel in second- ary  conn speed  changes are  transmitted the ship is steered 12-66.   How often are steering pumps switched? 1. Every  watch 2. Every 12 hr 3. Every 24 hr 4. Every other day 12-67.   When  is  a  master  helmsman  used? 1. In  restricted  waters 2. During replenishment 3. When  entering  DR  leaving  port 4. All of the above IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 12-68 THROUGH 12-71, SELECT THE DEFINITION FROM COLUMN B THAT MATCHES THE TERM IN COLUMN A. RESPONSES ARE USED ONLY ONCE. A. TERM B. DEFINITION 12-68. Tactical 1. Distance run on Diameter the  original course  until 12-69. Turning Circle track   interception 2.  Distance  gained 12-70. Advance left or right after a 180° turn 12-71. Transfer 3.  Distance  gained toward  a  new course 4. Path followed by the  pivot  point when making a 360° turn 12-72. What is a ship's pivot point? 1. A point on the center line 2. A point on which the ship turns when rudder is applied 3. Located about one-third the ship's length from the bow 4. All of the above 12-73. Which of the following diameter maneuvers is the distance 90° to the original course measured from 180° to 360°? 1. Final  Diameter 2. Turning   Diameter 3. Standard Tactical Diameter 4. Angle of Turn 12-74. Standard  rudder  is  the  amount  of rudder angle used to make the ship turn  in  the  standard  tactical diameter. 1. True 2. False 12-75. Which  fact  best  describes  kick? 1. Side  force 2. Swirl of water inside of the turn when the rudder is applied 3. Swirl of water outside of the turn when the rudder is applied 4. Making a wide turn so the stern is kicked out 83

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