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Page Title: Assignment 14
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ASSIGNMENT  14 Textbook Assignment: "The Ship's Bridge (continued)," chapter 11, pages 11-25 through 11-43. 14-1. 14-2. 14-3. 14-4. 14-5. 14-6. When should watchstanders be relieved? 1. As soon as the relief arrives on  the  bridge 2. 30 minutes prior to the hour 3. 15 minutes prior to the hour 4. On the hour When should you report to the OOD that  you  have  relieved  the  watch? 1. After you have received any special  information  from  the person you are relieving 2. After you have sighted all navigation aids that are being used 3. After you have reviewed the deck  log 4. After completing all of the above Which  of  the  following  personnel serves  as  the  OOD's  assistant? 1. The  navigator 2. The  leading  operations specialist 3. The quartermaster of the watch 4. The  executive  officer If you have the morning watch, at what time should you arrive on station to relieve the person having  the  preceding  watch? 1. 0330 2. 0400 3. 0730 4. 0800 Where should the ship's routine be listed? 1. In  the  Captain's  Night  Orders 2. In the SORM 3. In the Plan of the Week 4. In the Plan of the Day Who is responsible for the preparation of the Captain's Night Orders? 1. Captain 2. Executive officer 3. Navigator 4. Leading  QM 14-7. Where should you find the captain's  standing  orders  to  the watch? 1. Quartermaster's pass down log 2. Captain's night order book 14-8 14-9. 14-10. 14-11. 14-12. 14-13. . 3. Ship's  Deck 4. Navigator's The  Night  Order into a total of 1. Five 2. Two 3. Three 4. Four Log  folder night  order  book Book  is  divided how  many  sections? How often should night orders be written? 1. Daily 2. Weekly 3. As necessary 4. Only when the navigation plan changes Which of the following should NOT be found in the Night Order Book? 1. Navigation aids information 2. Tactical information 3. Guidance for the watch team 4. Ship's  daily  routine Which of the following watchstanders is required to sign the  Night  Order  Book? 1. BMOW 2. QMOW 3. Navigator 4. Each of the above The Ship's Deck Log is the most important  log  the  Quartermaster will  maintain. 1. True 2. False The  reqirements  for  maintaining the Ship's Deck Log is contained in  which  of  the  following publications? 1. Navy  Regulations 2. The  SORM 3. OPNAVINST 3100.7B 4. OPNAVINST  3120.32 89

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