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Page Title: Assignment 14, Continued
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14-14. 14-15. 14-16. 14-17. 14-18. 14-19. 14-20. Who is required to keep a deck log? 1. All U.S. Navy Ships only 2. All U.S. Navy ships in commission  only 3. All U.S. Navy ships in commission  and  other  small craft 4. Any vessel that is capable of getting under way In what order should deck log entries  be  recorded? 1. Numerically 2. Chronologically 3. In  order  of  importance 4. In a timely manner Unless  otherwise  stated,  how  is the  deck  log  classified? 1. Unclassified 2. Confidential 3. Secret 4. For  official  use  only What  information  determines  the classification  of  the  deck  log? 1. The  operation  involved 2. The  location  of  the  operation involved 3. The information to be recorded 4. All of the above To  what  authority  should  the original copy of the deck log be submitted  each  month? 1. Naval  archives 2. The  CNO 3. BUPERS 4. The Secretary of the Navy How long should a copy of the deck log be retained aboard ship? 1. 6 mo 2. 12 mo 3. 18 mo 4. 24 mo What  type  of  information  is contained in the deck log? 1. All events that occur aboard ship 2. All  events  with  historical 3. value  that  occur  aboard  ship All pertinent information about  the  ship 4. All of the above 90 14-21. 14-22. 14-23. 14-24. 14-25. 14-26. 14-27 Which  of  the  following  instruments should be used to write in the deck log? 1. Fountain  pen 2. Felt  marker 3. Ball  point  pen 4. All of the above What color ink should be used to write in the deck log? 1. Blue 2. Black 3. Blue  black Who supervises the keeping of the deck log? 1. OOD 2. Navigator 3. Leading  QM 4. Quartermaster of the watch How many times a day is the ship's position recorded in the deck log while  under  way? 1. Once 2. Twice 3. Three  times 4. Once a watch The deck log should never be rewritten. 1. True 2. False How  should  corrections  be  made  to the deck log? 1. 2. 3. 4. Who Erase the error and enter the new  information Draw  a  single  straight  line through  the  entry Cross  out  the  error Annotate  "error" is  responsible  for  making changes to the deck log? 1. The Quartermaster of the watch 2. The  Leading  Quartermaster 3. The OOD 4. The  navigator 14-28. Who signs the deck log at the end of each watch? 1. Quartermaster  of  the  watch 2. Officer  of  the  Day 3. Navigator 4. Senior  officer  on  watch

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