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Page Title: Assignment 14, Continued
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14-29. 14-30. 14-31. 14-32. 14-33. 14-34. 14-35. 14-36. What is the first page of the deck log? 1. Summary  page 2. Cover  page 3. Signature  page 4. Title  page When,    if ever,    is a second copy of the  deck  log  required? 1. ASW 2. Classified  missions 3. Secret  missions 4. Never How often should the navigator examine  the  deck  log? 1. Daily 2. Weekly 3. Monthly 4. As required How often should the navigator sign the deck log? 1. Daily 2. Weekly 3. Monthly 4. As required How often should the commanding officer  sign  and  approve  the  deck log? 1. Daily 2. Weekly 3. Monthly only 4. As required or monthly Within a maximum of how many days after the end of each month should the deck log be mailed? 1. 7 2. 10 3. 12 4. 14 Classified  deck  logs  must  be forwarded  in  the  manner  prescribed in OPNAVINST 5510.1. 1. True 2. False Which of the following is a proper deck  log  entry? 1. Reveille 2. Chow for the crew 3. Any injury 4. Navigator on the bridge IN  ANSWERING  QUESTIONS  14-37  THROUGH 14-40,  SELECT  THE  FIX  FREQUENCY  FROM COLUMN B THAT MATCHES THE SITUATION IN COLUMN A. RESPONSES ARE USED ONLY ONCE. 14-37. 14-38. 14-39. 14-40. A. SITUATION B. FIX FREQUENCY Open  ocean 1. 3 minutes navigating land within 50 nmi 2. 10 minutes Coastal  navigat-   3.   15 minutes ing  land  within 10 nmi 4. 30  minutes Coastal  navigat- ing  land  within 25 nmi Restricted  water, piloting 14-41. When  your  ship  approaches  land,  at what distance should the shore line  become  distinct  on  radar? 1. 10 nmi 2. 15 nmi 3. 25 nmi 4. 30 nmi 14-42. When should an entry be made in 14-43. 14-44. the  Magnetic  Compass  Record  Book? 1. After all courses changes 2. Every  half-hour 3. On  every  hour 4. All of the above When should the Standard Bearing Book be used? 1. While taking a bearing 2. During piloting 3. When shooting visual bearing to land only 4. When entering restricted waters What information is contained in the  passdown  log? 1. Only navigation information 2. Information  pertaining  to  the watch 3. Important  information  for  the navigator 4. Any pertinent information needed from watch to watch 91

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