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Page Title: Assignment 5, Continued
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5-50. 5-51. 5-52. 2. 5-53. A strobe light may be used to attract  the  attention  of  another vessel  in  international  waters. 1.    True 2. False Which of the following is NOT a distress signal used by the U.S. Navy? 1.    The  ensign  flown  upside  down 2.    Flames on a deck 3.    A rocket parachute flare 4.    A continuous sounding with any fog-signaling   apparatus When a submarine is in an emergency situation  and  is  coming  to periscope  depth,  what  color  smoke flare  should  the  submarine  fire? 1.    White  only 2.   Yellow only 3.    White or yellow 4.    Green When  a  submarine  is  in  serious trouble,  what  color  smoke  flare should  the  submarine  fire? 1. Red 2.    Green 3.   White 4. Yellow IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 5-54 THROUGH 5-56, SELECT  THE  REFERENCE  POINT  FROM  COLUMN  B THAT IS USED TO CALCULATE THE TIME LISTED IN COLUMN A. NOT ALL RESPONSES ARE USED. A. TIME B.  REFERENCE  POINT 5-54.  Mean  solar 1.  24 hours 5-55.  Solar  day 2.  Fictional  sun 5-56.   Solar  apparent 3.  First point of Aries 4.    Sun 5-57. Mean solar time and apparent solar time  are  nearly  equal,  but  apparent solar time is the time used in everyday life. 1.    True 2.    False 5-58. The "equation of time" is the name given to the difference between what two types of time? 1. Mean time and zone time 2. Apparent time and mean time 3. Apparent time and zone time 4. Zone time and Greenwich mean time IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 5-59 THROUGH 5-62, SELECT FROM COLUMN B THE DEFINITION THAT MATCHES THE TYPE OF TIME IN COLUMN A. RESPONSES ARE USED ONLY ONCE. A. TYPE OF TIME B.  DEFINITION 5-59. GMT 1, 5-60. LMT 5-61. ZT 5-62. ZD 3. 4. The time at the standard  meridian The  adjustment  to be  applied  to achieve  GMT Time  based  on longitude measurement Mean  solar  time with reference to your  meridian 5-63. What kind of time is usually indicated  by  a  ship's  clock? 1. LMT 2. ZT 3. GMT 4.   LAT 5-64. Over which meridian, in relation to your position,   is the Sun located when  local  apparent  time  is  180°? 1. 90° to the west 2. 180° to the west 3. 90° to the east 4. 180° to the east 5-65. How many degrees does a time zone extend on either side of the standard  time  meridian? 1. 7 1/2 2. 15 3. 24 4. 30 5-66. What time is it when the Sun is on the  Greenwich  meridian  (0°)? 1.   Noon GMT 2.    Noon LMT 3.   Noon  ZT 4.    Each of the above 29

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