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Page Title: Assignment 7, Continued
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7-14.    What is the tidal day? 7-22. 7-15. 1.   One high and one low tide 2.    Two high and two low tides 3.    Two high and one low tide 4.    One high and two low tides What is a tidal cycle? 1.   One high and one low tide 2.   Two high and two low tides 3.    Two high and one low tide 4.    One high and two low tides Approximately how many hours elapse between successive high tides? 7-23. 7-16. 1. 6 2. 12 3. 18 4. 24 IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 7-17 THROUGH 7-20, SELECT FROM COLUMN B THE DEFINITION THAT MATCHES THE WATER LEVEL IN COLUMN A. RESPONSES ARE USED ONLY ONCE. WATER A. LEVEL B. DEFINITION 7-17. High  water 1.  Minimum  height of the water 7-18. Low  water resulting  from an  outgoing  tide 7-19. Mean  high water 2. Average height of all  low-tide 7-20. Mean low levels  over water 19 years 3. Maximum height of water  resulting from a rising tide 4. Average height of all  high-tide levels  over 19 years 7-21. Which  of  the  following  terms identifies the total rise from low water  to  high  water? 1. Rip 2.    Range 3.    Stand 4.    Spring 7-24. 7-25. 7-26. Which  of  the  following  terms identifies  the  period  during  high and low water when the water level remains  steady? 1.    Range 2.    Stand 3.    Mean  sea  level 4.   Reference  plane What does a depth of water figure on 1. 2. 3. 4. a  chart  indicate? The  average  depth  soundings taken at various high water times The  average  depth  soundings taken at various low water times The greatest depth soundings ever recorded at low water The  greatest  depth  soundings ever recorded at high water Spring tides occur when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in line. 1.    True 2. False How do tides react during spring tides? 1.    Higher than normal low tides and higher than normal high tides 2.   Higher  than  normal  high  tides and  lower  than  normal  low  tides 3.    Lower than normal low tides and lower  than  normal  high  tides 4.    Higher  than  normal  low  tides and lower than normal high tides What type of tide is produced when the Moon is in its first and last quarter? 1.    Spring 2.    Solar 3.    Neap 4. Rip IN ANSWERING QUESTION 7-27 THROUGH 7-29, REFER TO FIGURE 7-2 IN YOUR TEXT. 7-27. The depth of water is equal to the algebraic sum of the chart depth and the height of the tide. 1.    True 2.    False 39

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