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Page Title: Figure 7A.Tide tables, table 1 (extract).
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7-28. Which  of  the  following  terms identifies  the  plane  midway  between mean high and mean low water? 1. Mean  sea  level 2. Mean stand 3. Mean  tide  range 4. Each of the above 7-29. What is the difference between the mean tide range and mean low water? 1. Mean  low  tide 2.    Height of tide 3.    Mean  low  level 4. Mean  tidal  level IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 7-30 THROUGH 7-33, SELECT THE DESCRIPTION FROM COLUMN B THAT MATCHES THE TIDE IN COLUMN A. RESPONSES ARE USED ONLY ONCE. A.  TIDE 7-30. Diurnal 7-31. Semidiurnal 7-32. Mixed 7-33. Neap B.  DESCRIPTION 1. There is one high and one low tide each  tidal  day 2. The tide exhibits higher  than  normal low tides and lower than normal high tides 3. There is two high and two low tides in a tidal day 4.  Tidal  patterns exhibit wide dif- ference in height of  successive  high tides 7-34. How often are the Tide Tables published? 1. Quarterly 2. Semiannually 3.    Annually 4. Every 3 years 7-35. Which  of  the  following  agencies publishes  the  Tide  Tables? 1.    National  Ocean  Service 2. Defense Mapping Agency 3. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 4.    Naval Observatory 40 7-36. A total of how many volumes are contained  in  the  Tide  Tables? 1. Five 2. Seven 3. Eight 4. Four 7-37. How many volumes of the Tide Tables pertain to the United States? 1. One 2. Two 3.    Three 4. Four IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 7-38 THROUGH 7-41, SELECT FROM COLUMN B THE DESCRIPTION THAT MATCHES THE TABLE IN COLUMN A. RESPONSES ARE  USED  ONLY  ONCE. A. TABLE B.  DESCRIPTION 7-38. I 1. 7-39. II 7-40. III 2. 7-41. VII 3. 4. Times of high and low tides at the reference   station Contains a con- version  table  to convert  feet  to meters Gives   information to figure tides at a specific time of day Times of high and low tides at the subordinate station 7-42. Which tables in the Tide Tables contains information on (a) Sunrise/Sunset and (b) Moonrise/Moonset? 1. (a) 4 (b) 5 2. (a) 4 (b) 6 3. (a) 5 (b) 5 4. (a) 5 (b) 6 7-43. Tidal  data  for  a  subordinate station  are  obtained  by  applying  a height difference or a ratio of ranges  to  the  predictions  for  the 1. general  area 2. stated  reference  station 3. nearest  secondary  station 4. closest  main  subordinate station

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