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Page Title: Claims for Reimbursement for Personal Property
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on  the  NAVSUP  464.  Receipt  and  expenditure adjustment entries should be made in the Ship’s Store Afloat Financial Control Record (NAVSUP 235)  and  in  the  Journal  of  Receipts  (NAVSUP 977)  or  the  Journal  of  Expenditures  (NAVSUP 978). Any adjustment entries should be made as of  the  effective  date  of  the  price  change. Claims for Reimbursement for Personal Property Occasionally,  an  issue  in  kind  may  be  made by  the  ship’s  store  officer  to  enlisted  personnel for  personal  property  lost,  destroyed,  damaged, captured, or abandoned incident to service in the U.S. Navy. You should be aware that such a claim differs  from  a  claim  for  reimbursement  as  a  result of loss or damage to personal apparel through the operation  of  a  ship’s  store  laundry,  dry-cleaning facility,  or  tailor  shop.  The  latter  type  of  claim is a charge against ship’s store profits and appears on  the  Ship’s  Store  Operating  Statement  (NAV- COMPT 153, Ship’s Store Balance and Profit and Loss Statement). This document will be discussed later  in  chapter  7.  The  authority  for  reimburse- ment   for   personal   property   lost,   destroyed, damaged,   captured,   or   abandoned   incident   to service   is   contained   in   Title   31,   U.S.   Code 240-243.  The  regulations  governing  the  submis- sion  and  adjudication  of  such  claims  are  published in the  Manual  of  the  Judge  Advocate  General, chapter XXI. The procedures for completing such a  reimbursement  are  contained  in  NAVSUP P-487.  Whenever  enlisted  personnel,  including chief  petty  officers,  submit  a  claim  adjudicated by  the  commanding  officer  for  loss  of  personal property, the ship’s store officer must reimburse them  in  kind  from  available  stock  in  the  ship’s store.   Reimbursement   for   items   that   are   not available  should  be  made  in  cash.  Detailed  pro- cedures  are  contained  in  your  NAVSUP  P-487. Disposition  of  Excess  Stock As a supervisor and assistant to the ship’s store officer, you should be able to recommend the type of   expenditure   that   will   best   accomplish   the desired  effect.  For  example,  if,  as  a  result  of  a monthly  stock  record  review,  you  discover  that an excess of stock exists for some items, then you should  be  able  to  recommend  a  method  of disposal for the excess items. An excess of stock exists  when  your  monthly  stock  record  shows  that perishable  and  catalog  items  exceed  3  months’ requirements and that any other items exceed 6 months’   requirements.   In   determining   excess stock, you should consider the normal deteriora- tion rate of the item as well as the anticipated type of  operation  of  your  ship. You can dispose of excess stock by any of the following   methods. Reduction  in  price  for  sale  on  board Transfers  to  other  supply  officers  (as  a result of an excess stock list or agreement between supply   officers) Sales to Navy exchanges and other military activities Return to vendor for cash or credit refund (to  be  discussed  later  in  this  chapter) Excess  clothing  stock  in  new  unused  condition should be transferred on a DD 1149 to any shore activity  carrying  such  stock. You should dispose of items in stock that are obsolete or shopworn by taking deep markdowns to  effect  rapid  sale.  You  should  dispose  of  by survey any items that are damaged or deteriorated or  just  not  salable. Disposal  of  Foreign  Merchandise You   can   return   unsold/undamaged   foreign merchandise  for  refund  in  both  the  Sixth  Fleet Foreign  Merchandise  Program  established  in Rota, Spain, and Naples, Italy, and in the Pacific Fleet  Foreign  Merchandise  Program  established  in Yokosuka, Japan, and Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines. Foreign merchandise should NOT be returned to CONUS except in the event of unex- pected emergency deployment and then only with the specific permission of COMSERVFORSIXTH- FLT   or   COMNAVLOGPAC   as   appropriate. A copy of the request to COMSERVFORSIXTH- FLT  or  COMNAVLOGPAC  (as  appropriate)  for return  of  foreign  merchandise  to  CONUS  must be  forwarded  to  NAVRESSO.  The  commanding officer  is  responsible  for  complying  with  all customs  regulations  in  the  event  authority  is obtained for return of an y foreign merchandise. Miscellaneous   Transactions There are several miscellaneous transactions that  will  occur  periodically.  As  a  senior  Ship’s Serviceman,  you  should  be  aware  of  the  pro- cedures   involved.   You   must   be   prepared   to handle  the  documentation  and  posting. GUARANTEED   SALES.—   Procurement   of items  on  a  guaranteed  sales  basis  or  other  condi- tions  permitting  return  for  credit  is  restricted  to magazines,  periodicals,  and  other  printed  matter; 5-14

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