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Page Title: Concessions
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activity or by purchase, the date and file number of the Navy Resale and Services Support Office’s letter of authority must be included on the requisi- tion  or  purchase  order. Concessions Grant   no   concessions!   You   are   prohibited from  granting  concessions  or  making  any  other arrangements  with  dealers  or  tradesmen  in  which vendors are allowed to make sales by agreement to  pay  a  portion  of  their  profits  to  your  com- missary or to receive payment for articles sold by invoicing them to the commissary. Remember, as a senior Ship’s Serviceman, you will have several other Ship’s Servicemen working for you who will have  direct  contact  with  vendors.  Most  of  the vendors  are  “straight  shooters,”  but  you  should always  impress  on  your  people  the  chance  that they   will   come   up   against   that   one   “super salesperson.”   All  it  takes  is  one  infraction  in dealing  with  commercial  vendors  and  your  con- trol over your commissary and your subordinates will be seriously affected. With duty assignments rotating as often as they do, you must constantly hold  training  for  both  your  experienced  people and your new ones. You should cover the Navy’s Standards  of  Conduct  in  all  training  sessions. Vending Machines Vending  machine  services,  such  as  those  for candy,  cigarettes,  and  beverages,  may  be  con- sidered  a  necessary  convenience  for  your  com- missary  and  your  personnel.  Vending  machines in  a  Navy  commissary  can  be  operated  only  by the  local  Navy  exchange. Portable  Fire  Extinguishers Portable fire extinguishers that do not bear the approval label of recognized testing laboratories cannot  be  procured  for  use  in  your  commissary. Sample  Merchandise The solicitation or acceptance of free sample merchandise  is  strictly  prohibited  in  Navy  com- missaries.   Remember,   product   evaluation   and product selection are handled at the regional and divisional level only. For more detailed informa- tion  on  these  restrictions,  consult  the  Commissary Operating Procedures Manual, NAVRESSOINST 4065.23, and follow the prescribed recommenda- tions. Bonus  Coupons The  use  of  bonus  coupons  is  prohibited  in Navy commissaries. Bonus coupons usually enter commissaries  in  shipping  cases.  These  coupons  are usually  directed  toward  the  personal  benefit  of military  or  civilian  employees  assigned  to  the commissary. Warn your commissary personnel that bonus coupons  are  strictly  prohibited.  These  coupons  are not a part of the resale unit and are intended for redemption in the form of gift premiums by com- mercial  store  proprietors  or  employees.  Dispose of these coupons by donating them to charitable organizations, such as Navy Relief. (You can also dispose of them by supervising their destruction.) At any rate, give no special preference to the pro- curement,  display,  or  handling  of  any  merchan- dise  containing  bonus  coupons. Bonus Merchandise Acceptance   of   any   bonus   merchandise   you receive, such as cameras and watches, that is not authorized as a commissary resale item is strictly prohibited  in  your  Navy  commissary.  However, you  can  accept  reductions  in  the  unit  price  of authorized stock items when the extra merchan- dise  is  the  same  type  of  merchandise  you  have ordered. For example, if you ordered 250 cans of canned  milk  and  the  vendor  sends  300  cans  for the  same  price,  you  can  accept  this  type  of authorized merchandise as a price reduction. Any national   commercial   promotions,   such   as customer  drawings,  must  be  carefully  screened and  handled  according  to  strict  regulations. RECEIPTS All   resale   merchandise,   miscellaneous supplies,  and  services  procured  and  received  by the Navy commissaries during day-to-day opera- tions are classified as receipts. All receipts must be accounted for. Receipts of resale merchandise should  be  accounted  for  by  appropriate  entries made to the Journal of Receipts (CS 35). Receipts of miscellaneous supplies and services should be accounted for by appropriate entries made to the CS  Trust  Fund  Accounts,  Receipts  and  Expen- ditures  Ledger  (CS  28). Control of Receipts Receipt   items   received   into   the   receiving branch   should   be   verified   against   vendors’ 8-12

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