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Page Title: Credit Invoices
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bulk  storeroom  is  illustrated  in  figure  6-2.  The ship’s   store   officer   is   responsible   for   this verification.  If  desired,  the  ship’s  store  officer  may designate   another   qualified   person   and   the recordskeeper  to  verify  the  balances.  The  bulk storeroom  custodian  cannot  assist  the  records- keeper   in   verifying   the   balances.   Differences found  between  the  inventory  total  and  the  balance on  the  NAVSUP  Form  464  must  be  examined. If  errors  are  found  in  the  inventory,  the  NAVSUP Form  238  must  be  changed  and  initialed  by  all personnel  who  participated  in  the  inventory.  If the error is not in the inventory, all receipt and expenditure  documents  posted  to  the  NAVSUP Form  464  must  be  checked  for  accuracy  by  the office  recordskeeper.  In  some  instances,  the difference  may  be  a  posting  error.  Differences  that cannot be resolved must be included on the dis- crepancy list, which we discuss later in this chapter. VERIFICATION  OF  BULK STOREROOM  COUNTS  IN  ROM PROCEDURES After   inventory, the   physical   counts   of inventory are entered in the ROM system via the ROM  inventory  function.  Only  those  personnel designated   by   the   ship’s   store   officer   enter inventory counts into the ROM system. Once the inventory counts have been entered, the smooth inventory   listing   is   printed.   The   ship’s   store officer,  or  another  person  designated  by  the  ship’s store  officer,  verifies  that  the  actual  inventory counts match the quantities on the smooth inventory listing. The ROM system matches the inventory quantities  entered  to  the  bulk  storeroom  balances on the NAVSUP Form 464. The inventory differ- ence listing is then printed and examined, If errors are found in the inventory, they are corrected on the inventory  worksheet  and  initialed  by  all  personnel participating in the inventory. All corrections are entered in the ROM inventory function, and the corresponding inventory count sheet is reprinted. The   original   inventory   will   indicate   what corrective  action  was  taken  for  discrepancies. CREDIT INVOICES At   the   end   of   the   accounting   period,   the following will be carried as part of the inventory: 1) the dollar value of credit memorandums that have not been posted to the Journal of Receipts, NAVSUP Form 977, and transmitted to FAADC; and 2) the dollar value of a cash refund for which a  refund  check  has  not  been  received. The  expenditure  number  of  the  Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document, DD Form 1149, and  the  date  and  value  of  material  returned  must be listed on the last page of the inventory for the bulk  storeroom.  In  ROM  procedures,  the  ROM system automatically posts credit memorandums or cash refunds from the miscellaneous expendi- ture  file  that  have  not  been  liquidated. DISTRIBUTION  OF  THE  INVENTORY COUNT  SHEETS  IN  MANUAL RECORDS In  manual  records,  after  the  inventory,  the inventory  count  sheets  are  distributed  as  listed  in the  following  paragraphs. The white copy goes to the ship’s store officer for extensions. This copy will ultimately be filed in the Accountability File, SSA-21, until the end of  the  next  accounting  period  and  then  filed  in the retained returns. The yellow copy goes to the recordskeeper for extensions and used as a working copy. Later it is filed in the retained returns. The  pink  copy  goes  to  the  responsible  custodian. The blue copy is used as a price list (optional). When  inventory  is  taken  for  the  purpose  of relieving the ship’s store officer, one copy of the inventory is also given to the detaching ship’s store officer. DISTRIBUTION  OF  THE  INVENTORY COUNT  SHEETS  IN  ROM PROCEDURES In  ROM  procedures,  after  inventory,  the rough   inventory   count   sheets   and   smooth inventory listing are distributed according to the following   paragraphs: The  original  of  the  rough  inventory  count sheet  and  smooth  inventory  listing  are  filed  in  the Accountability   File,   SSA-21. The first copy of the rough inventory count sheet and the smooth inventory listing are used by  the  ship’s  store  recordskeeper  as  a  working copy and later filed in the retained returns. The   third   copy   of   the   rough   inventory count sheet and smooth inventory listing are given to  the  responsible  custodian. The  fourth  copy  of  the  rough  inventory count  sheet  may  be  discarded  and  the  smooth inventory listing may be used as a price list. INVENTORY  EXTENSIONS  IN MANUAL  RECORDSKEEPING In manual recordskeeping, the retail and cost prices  are  entered  on  the  NAVSUP  Form  238  and 6-6

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