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Page Title: Issues to Ship's Use (OPTAR)
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Also, you are required to enter the functional account  data  on  the  DD  Form  1149  as  shown below: Functional   Account Credit  -  51000 Charge  -  73170 Foodservice   personnel   receiving   the   items issued must sign for them on the DD Form 1149. The total dollar value of the issue to the general mess  as  shown  on  the  DD  Form  1149  is  posted to  the  Journal  of  Expenditures,  NAVSUP  Form 978.  For  combined  responsibility  operations  the total   dollar   value   is   also   expended   from   the appropriate  column  of  the  Ship’s  Store  Afloat Financial  Control  Record,  NAVSUP  Form  235. The  quantity  of  the  items  issued  to  the  general mess  is  expended  from  the  corresponding  Stock Record, NAVSUP Form 464. In separate respon- sibility, items issued from the bulk storeroom are expended  from  the  Balance  in  Bulkroom  and Total  Balance  columns.  In  combined  responsi- bility when the bulk storeroom and the sales outlet are operated by the same person, the Balance in Bulkroom  column  of  the  NAVSUP  Form  464  is not  used;  therefore,  the  items  issued  are  expended from   the   Total   Balance   column   only.   After posting  the  above,  the  appropriate  information concerning the issue is filled in on the Expenditure Invoice   Log. ROM users will enter issues to the general mess in  the  ROM  miscellaneous  expenditure  activity function.  The  ROM  will  assign  an  expenditure number and post the issue data to the NAVSUP Forms  464  and  978  and  the  NAVCOMPT  Form 153.  In  combined  responsibility  operations,  the ROM  will  expend  the  total  dollar  value  on  the NAVSUP  Form  235. Once the postings are done, the DD Form 1149 covering issues to the general mess is distributed as  follows: Original and one copy to the Expenditures to  Use  File,  SSA-6,  and  later  submitted  in  the returns One   copy   to   the   Accountability   File, SSA-21, and later filed in the returned returns One copy to the Expenditure Invoice File, SSA-14 One  copy  to  the  food  service  officer ISSUES TO SHIP’S USE (OPTAR) When  normal  supply  sources  are  not  available and  general  stores  stock  is  exhausted,  similar  items of stock can be issued from the ship’s store. Such issues are made on a DD Form 1149 and charged to  the  ship’s  OPTAR  fund.  Ship’s  store  and standard  Navy  clothing  items  may  be  issued  to ship’s  use  as  discussed  below. SHIP’S STORE STOCK All  ship’s  store  stock,  except  emblematic  items issued  to  ship’s  use,  is  charged  to  the  ship’s OPTAR  funds,  except  for  ships  operating  under special  accounting  class  207  procedures.  Issues  to ship’s use on these types of ships are handled as a  transfer  to  other  supply  officers.  Normally,  if an item in general stores is not available, a similar item  of  ship’s  store  stock  can  be  issued  only  for the  use  of  the  ship  to  complete  maintenance  work or other optional requirements. These items are normally  limited  to  such  items  as  flashlights, batteries,  padlocks,  soap,  film,  and  flashbulbs. Controlled  equipage,  such  as  cameras,  binoculars, and   so   forth,   will   not   be   issued   but   will   be procured  according  to  procedures  contained  in  the NAVSUP   P-485. EMBLEMATIC  ITEMS The  use  of  OPTAR  funds  to  procure  emble- matic  items  is  limited  by  SECNAVINST  3509.4 and  fleet  and  type  commander  instructions. Authorized  items  of  emblematic  stock  shown  in NAVSUP  P-487,  par.  3005,  are  not  issued  to ship’s  use  for  any  reason  except  as  discussed below. Emblematic T-shirts T-shirts with the ship’s identification may be issued to foodservice personnel as organizational clothing. The DD Form 1149 covering such issues must   include   the   statement    “Organizational clothing item issued for ship’s use general mess.” Plaques Ship’s plaques are not listed in the NAVSUP P-487  as  authorized  stock  and  are  procured  for stock only after approval of the Navy Resale and Services   Support   Office   (NAVRESSO).   If authorized by NAVRESSO and stocked, plaques may  be  issued  for  ship’s  use  as  outlined  in 5-6

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