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Page Title: Receipts From Purchase
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The  receipt  document  for  requisitions  to  OSOs is  included  on  either  a  DOD  Single  Line  Item Release/Receipt  Document,  DD  Form  1348-1,  or Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document, DD Form  1149. Receipts From Purchase Receipts  of  stock  included  under  the  receipt category, receipts from purchase, include receipts from  commercial  vendors  and  receipts  from  the Navy  exchange.  All  receipts  from  purchase  are documented  on  a  Supplies  or  Services  Request  for Quotations,  DD  Form  1155. PLANNING   AND   PREPARATION FOR  RECEIPTS Planning  and  preparation  take  place  before the  stock  is  actually  received.  The  planning and   preparation   for   receipts   require   complete coordination   between   the   ship’s   store   officer, leading SH personnel, the receipt inspector, bulk storeroom  custodian,  and  any  other  personnel responsible for the different phases of the receipt operation.  The  ship’s  store  officer  must  make  sure all advance information is given to all personnel concerned and preliminary steps are taken so the receipt  operation  runs  smoothly  and  safely. Personnel Assignment The   ship’s   store   officer   must   make   sure personnel  are  assigned  effectively  during  a  receipt function. Normally, he or she will have the leading Ship’s  Serviceman  make  assignments  for  each receipt  function.    When   possible,   the   Ship’s Serviceman  will  assign  only  supply  department personnel to receive ship’s store stock, especially pilferable stock such as stereos, watches, jewelry, and  so  forth. In some cases, supply department personnel may  not  be  available  for  use  or  the  order  being shipped  may  be  too  large  for  them  to  handle. In  this  case,  you  will  need  help  from  other departments  aboard  ship  in  the  form  of  a  working party.  Your  command  issues  ship’s  instructions covering the assignment of personnel to working parties and indicates the number of personnel each department must provide for each different size working   party.   All   requirements   for   working parties are routed through the chain of command for approval by the executive officer. This should be  done  well  in  advance  of  scheduled  deliveries so  a  note  can  be  placed  in  the  Plan  of  the Day (POD) to let other departments know of the working party so they can plan ahead and make personnel  assignments.  Requirements  for  working parties  should  not  be  made  at  the  last  moment because this could cause confusion and disagree- ments between the supply department and other departments  aboard  ship. After  approval  of  the  request  for  a  working party,   a   list   should   be   obtained   from   each department of the personnel that are assigned to the working party. This list should be retained and used as a mustering list once the working party is   called   away.   Supply   department   personnel should be used to the fullest extent as checkers, spotters, and supervisors when a working party is used and should be briefed well in advance to the  date  of  the  working  party.  They  should  be briefed on their assignment, the routes that will be used to load stock by the working party, and told of the importance of maintaining security for all  stock  during  the  entire  evolution. Personnel  assigned  as  spotters  are  responsible for  directing  working  party  personnel  along  the correct route and making sure stock is not stolen, lost,   or   improperly   handled.   Spotters   will   be assigned  along  the  route  so  there  are  no  blind corners or any areas of the route that cannot be seen  by  a  spotter. Storerooms The  custodian  of  the  bulk  storeroom  should be  notified  in  advance  that  stock  is  going  to  be delivered. He or she should have an idea of what and how much stock will be delivered so the bulk storeroom   can   be   straightened   out   and   stock rearranged.   It   will   not   be   easy   for   the   bulk storeroom  custodian  to  reserve  space  for  incoming stock; however, through experience and advance planning, he or she will be able to determine ahead of  time  where  receipts  will  be  stowed.  When rearranging  stock,  the  custodian  should  always arrange it so older stock can be issued before the new  stock. Ship’s Store Records The   office   recordskeeper   has   access   to   all outstanding orders and should be informed about upcoming  receipts.  Before  the  actual  day  stock will be received, the office recordskeeper should bring stock records in agreement with the actual stock  on  hand  so  incoming  stock  can  be  accounted for  easily. 4-2

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