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Page Title: Reciepts Directly into the Service Activity
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receipt  document  PARTIAL  SHIPMENT  and process  it  in  the  same  manner  as  we  discussed earlier. You must also assign a receiving number from  the  Journal  of  Receipts,  NAVSUP  Form 977,  for  each  additional  receipt  until  the  final shipment has been received for all items on the receipt document. You may have to prepare extra copies of the receipt document to accomplish each receipt. In   ROM   procedures,   if   an   order   is   only partially   filled,   you   will   enter   the   receipt information  for  the  items  that  were  received  in the  ROM  receipt  function.  The  same  order  can be accessed later to add items as they are received. If  no  further  shipment  of  a  partially  received  item is expected or if the unreceived balance is to be reordered  on  a  new  order,  ROM  users  will  key in the actual quantity received and key a Y in the Cancel (CAN) column. Once all items on a order have  been  received  or  canceled,  you  will  be  unable to  access  that  order  via  the  ROM  receipt  function. RECEIPTS  DIRECTLY  INTO  THE SALES OUTLET When  material  is  received  directly  into  the sales  outlet,  the  receipt  document  must  also  be used   as   the   breakout   document.   In   manual recordskeeping,  you  assign  a  breakout  number from  the  Number  Control,  NAVSUP  Form  980, to  the  receipt  document.  The  total  quantity received is posted to the Received and Expended columns   of   the   Stock   Record,   NAVSUP   Form 464, and added to the Total Balance column. (See fig. 4-17.) Enter the total dollar value at retail of the  receipt  document  in  the  Correct  Receipt column   of   the   Ship’s   Store   Afloat   Financial Control   Record,   NAVSUP   Form   235. In  ROM  procedures,  ROM  users  will  enter  the store  number  of  the  sales  outlet  receiving  the merchandise  in  the  ROM  receipt  function.  The store number is a two-position numeric code that we discussed in chapter 2 of this manual and is established in the ROM constants file. Normally when  receiving  incoming  stock,  ROM  users  will enter   the   store   code   99   in   the   ROM   receipt function   for   the   bulk   storeroom.   When   the merchandise  is  received  directly  into  the  sales outlet,   the   appropriate   store   number   for   that outlet  will  be  entered  in  the  ROM  system.  If  a store number other than 99 is entered in the ROM system,  the  ROM  will  automatically  assign  the next available number from the Number Control, NAVSUP  Form  980,  and  enter  the  breakout  to the  NAVSUP  Forms  464  and  235. RECEIPTS  DIRECTLY  INTO THE  SERVICE  ACTIVITY When  processing  receipts  directly  into  the service  activity,  you  must  also  use  the  receipt document as the breakout document. In manual recordskeeping,  you  will  assign  a  cost  of  operation issue   number   from   the   Number   Control, NAVSUP  Form  980,  to  the  receipt  document. Enter the quantity received in the Received and Expended   columns   of   the   Stock   Record, NAVSUP  Form  464;  the  Balance  in  Bulkroom column  must  not  be  changed.  The  total  dollar value  of  the  receipt  document  will  be  posted  to the Cost of Operation columns of the Ship’s Store Afloat Financial Control Record, NAVSUP Form 235. In   ROM   procedures,   the   ROM   will automatically  assign  the  next  available  number from  the  Number  Control,  NAVSUP  Form  980, and post the breakout to the NAVSUP Forms 464 and  235. RECEIPTS  FROM  OTHER APPROPRIATIONS When  processing  receipts  from  other  appro- priations  such  as  the  general  mess  or  general stores, you will post the quantity received to the Stock   Record,   NAVSUP   Form   464,   in   the Received,  Balance  In  Bulkroom,  and  Total Balance  columns.  If  the  receipt  is  to  go  directly to the service activity, post the stock record as we discussed under processing receipts directly into the service activity. Post the total dollar value of the   receipt   to   the   Journal   of   Expenditures, NAVSUP  Form  978,  as  a  credit  entry,  which  is a minus entry entered in red ink. The requisition number for the receipt document will be used as the control number for all postings. Receipts from other  appropriations  are  not  posted  to  the  Journal of   Receipts,   NAVSUP   Form   977. ROM  users  will  indicate  that  the  receipt  is from  another  appropriation  in  the  ROM  receipt function.  ROM  will  properly  enter  receipts  from other  appropriations  to  all  applicable  records. FILING  AND  DISTRIBUTION  OF RECEIPTS  FROM  OTHER  SUPPLY OFFICERS Receipt   documents   covering   receipts   from OSOs  will  be  processed  on  a  DD  Form  1348  or a DD Form 1149. When a DD Form 1348 is used as   the   requisition   document   and   a   DD   Form 4-23

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