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The  retail  store  should  be  decorated  for  all major events and seasonal changes. When displays are installed for seasonal events, the decorations should be changed too. No displays should be left in  cases  for  more  than  1  month  without  being refreshed  or  changed.  Clean,  fresh,  and  colorful displays  should  be  evident  at  all  times.  Care  must be taken when employing decorative materials to avoid  overshadowing  or  overcrowding  merchan- dise. The use of too much decor can detract from the   appearance   of   the   display   and   cause confusion. Remember,  it  is  always  better  to  keep  displays simple,  neat,  and  lightly  decorated.  They  are  more pleasing to the eye and more likely to interest the customer.  If  it  creates  interest,  shows  merchandise at  its  best,  and  holds  attention,  it  is  a  good display. PRICING POLICIES As  the  retail  store  operator,  you  will  not  be concerned  with  establishing  selling  prices  because this  is  done  in  the  ship’s  store  office  and  is  the responsibility of the ship’s store officer. It is your responsibility,  however,  to  make  sure  all  items  are clearly  and  conspicuously  marked,  and  you  should be  aware  of  how  prices  are  determined. MARKUP The ship’s store officer is responsible  for the markup over cost or transfer price of items to be sold in resale activities (excluding standard Navy clothing).  The  Resale  Operations  Management (ROM)  system  automatically  computes  a  15 percent markup on all retail items. The ship’s store officer, if desired, may override the ROM system markup by keying in the desired selling price on the  Stock  Record,  NAVSUP  Form  464,  and  the Purchase Order, DD Form 1155. Markups should be  sufficient  to  provide  for  the  following: Cover  markdowns  and  surveys Cover  other  operating  expenses Meet the requirement of the commanding officer  for  the  recreation  fund Cover  the  cost  of  operations  of  the  sales outlets and service activities The   maximum   prescribed   overall   profit limitation   is   15   percent.   This   limitation applies  to  a  percentage  of  overall  sales  and  not to  individual  items.  Special  order  items  will  be marked  up  as  determined  by  the  ship’s  store officer. CLOTHING Standard   Navy   clothing standard prices, as shown in items  are  sold  at the Navy  Clothing Price List for Men and Women,  NAVRESSO  Pub 90. ROM users will assign department code L-1 to  the  stock  records  for  all  standard  Navy  clothing items. The ROM system will not compute the 15 percent  markup  for  items  assigned  department code  L-1. Price  changes  to  standard  Navy  clothing  items are  issued  in  changes  to  NAVRESSO  Pub  90. Standard price changes are effective on the date specified in the change. An inventory will be taken of those items actually affected by a standard price change  and  any  gain  or  loss  as  a  result  of  the adjustment  will  be  accounted  for  on  a  Retail  Price Change,  NAVSUP  Form  983. MARK-ONS A  mark-on  is  an  increase  in  a  previously established  retail  price  of  an  item  of  merchandise. Mark-ons  are  done  only  on  the  authority  of  a Retail   Price   Change,   NAVSUP   Form   983, approved by the ship’s store officer. Before prices can be changed in the sales outlet, the merchandise must be inventoried in the presence of the sales outlet   operator   by   the   ship’s   store   officer   or designated  assistant.  After  inventory  of  the merchandise concerned, the sales outlet operator will record the date the prices are changed on the NAVSUP  Form  983  and  sign  it.  The  NAVSUP Form 983 will then be routed to the ship’s store office for posting to the records. Request a copy of  the  NAVSUP  Form  983  from  the  ship’s  store office  for  your  files  because  it  is  not  stated  in instructions to give you a copy. As the sales outlet operator   you   should   maintain   a   file   of   all documents when a transaction occurs in your sales outlet.  These  copies  can  be  used  as  a  ready reference   and   they   are   your   proof   that   a transaction  occurred.  Procedures  for  preparing a mark-on are discussed in the NAVSUP P-487, par.  2106. 2-10

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