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Page Title: General Services Administration
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Ships that are deployed overseas should get their supplies from units of the combat logistics force  (CLF)  ships,  outlying  bases,  CONUS  dis- tribution  points,  or  advanced  bases.  These  sources are normally detailed in the appropriate requisi- tioning  guides  mentioned  above. General Services Administration To  prevent  loss  of  demand  and  inadequate stock  of  General  Services  Administration  (GSA) materials  at  Navy  stock  points,  ships  are   not authorized  to  use  a  GSA  self-service  store  or customer supply center (CSC) as a supply source. The  only  exception  is  for  emergency  requirements that  cannot  be  readily  obtained  from  a  Navy supply  source.  If  emergency  requirements  must be  obtained  from  a  self-service  store  or  CSC,  a DD Form 1155 should be used as the procurement document.  The  document  will  be  prepared  and submitted   following   the  Navy   Acquisition Procedures Supplement (NAPS),  NAVSO P-3670. Neither  GSA  cash  cards  nor  credit  cards  are authorized  to  be  used  by  ships. Defense Reutilization and Marketing  Service Excess  material  that  has  been  turned  in  to defense   reutilization   and   marketing   offices (DRMOs)  may  be  drawn  by  Navy  units  having either a specific allowance or a mission require- ment for such material. Strict controls must exist for  requisitioned  material.  All  screening  for and  requisitioning  of  DRMO  material  must  be authorized  by  a  supply  officer.  Excess  property reutilized  by  requisition  from  a  Navy  activity should  be  subject  to  normal  custody  and  inventory control.  If  material  is  to  be  picked  up  from  a DRMO,   there   should   be   a   proper   division   of functional  responsibilities.  For  example,  the person picking up the material should not be the same  person  accountable  for  the  material.  Ad- ditionally,  DRMOs  should  distribute  confirmation copies  of  requisitions  to  your  ship’s  accountable property  official.  The  requisitioning  of  such material  should  only  be  allowed  to  meet  your ship’s  needs.  This  material  should  not  be redistributed   further   except   by   documented transfer.   You   must   refrain   from   establishing separate  facilities  for  excess  property. PROCUREMENT  FROM  SERVMARTs A  SERVMART  is  a  self-service  store  that  is operated by an ashore supply activity to provide a   ready   supply   of   relatively   low-cost   items frequently  required  by  customers  in  the  area. SERVMARTs also stock certain items of medical and dental supplies. This material is stored in a segregated area. The only individuals that can pick up this material are medical or dental personnel who   are   designated   by   an   official   letter   of authorization  signed  by  the  commanding  officer or a designated representative. All SERVMARTs issue a SERVMART shopping guide that lists the cognizance   symbol,   NSN,   noun   name,   unit   of issue,  unit  price,  and  storage  location  of  each  item stocked. The self- service feature of SERVMARTs and the simplified requisitioning procedures that will be explained in subsequent paragraphs enable an ashore supply activity to realize substantial cost savings.  This  concept  permits  customers  to  obtain material quickly without preparing and submitting a separate requisition for each item needed. The range  of  material  available,  ease  of  acquisition, and ready convertibility to personal use of such items  requires  you  to  rigorously  monitor  and control  SERVMART  shopping. Requirements A  SERVMART  Shopping  List  (SSL),  NAV- SUP Form 1314 (fig. 5-1), is used to list multiple items  intended  to  be  procured  from  a  SERV- MART.  The  use  of  the  SSL  is  required  in  all procurement  actions  from  a  SERVMART.  The SSL is used to help prepare either the DD Form 1348  or  NAVSUP  Form  1250-1.  These  are  the only  procurement  forms  authorized  for  use  at  a SERVMART. When a work center or department wants to procure electrical or electronic items, you should caution your shoppers before they purchase these items. Before you authorize the shoppers to buy this equipment, you should make them aware of the  limitations  in  the  use  of  any  ungrounded power  supply.  When  you  do  authorize  the purchase of these items, the shoppers must present these items upon return to the ship either to the electrical  or  electronic  shop  for  approval  and tagging   per   existing   shipboard   electric   safety regulations. Use of Electronic Point of Sale II Equipped Stores All   NSC   and   NSD   SERVMARTs   are equipped  with  Electronic  Point  of  Sale  (EPOS) II.  One  of  the  by-products  of  EPOS  that  is available  upon  request  is  the  customer  items 5-2

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