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Page Title: Management List-Navy
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assigned to the desired items. Identification of needs can be established by using various types of publications or catalogs. We will discuss a few of these catalogs in the following  paragraphs. Management List-Navy Complete and accurate management data must be available  for  requisitioning  purposes  and  for  effective financial  control  of  material.  The  Management List-Navy (ML-N)  provides  basic  management  data. The ML-N is published by the Defense Logistics Services Center, Battle Creek Michigan. It is published on   a   48X   microfiche   and   a   complete   revision   is distributed  annually.  If  you  need  the  ML-N  quarterly, you can order it from the Defense Logistics Services Center, Battle Creek, Michigan, on a DD Form 1149, using your OPTAR funds. The ML-N includes all the necessary information to prepare a requisition and also includes  an  integrated  historical  record  of  deleted  and superseded  NIINs,  with  appropriate  codes  for disposition. Master Repairable Item List The  Master  Repairable  Item  List   (MRIL)  is  a catalog of selected Navy-managed items that, when unserviceable  and  not  locally  repairable,  are  required  to be turned in to a collection point for repair. The MRIL is published on microfiche and is distributed each month and consists of two parts. If you need copies of the MRIL, you can order it from the Fleet Material Support Office,  Mechanicsburg,  Pennsylvania. Hazardous Material Information System The  Hazardous  Material  Information  System (HMIS) has superseded the Consolidated Hazardous Item List (CHIL). The HMIS is issued in a basic edition dated in November and in the quarterly updates dated February,  May,  and  August.  This  publication  provides information  to  assist  you  in  managing  hazardous materials so that the risks involved in the performance of various jobs are minimized. There is a wide range of data in the system related to safety, health, packaging, labeling, transportation, and disposal of such material. The   HMIS   also   provides   labeling   and   packing requirements,  shipment,  storage,  and  handling  safety precautions  as  well  as  other  information  concerning  the characteristics  of  the  items  listed.  The  listing  is separated  into  three  sections  as  follows: .  Trade  Name/Product  Identity  Cross-Reference . Part Number Cross-Reference . Specification Number Reference Commercial and Government Entity Catalog Handbook The Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Catalog  Handbook  H4/H8  contains the names and addresses  and  five-digit  CAGE  code  of  manufacturers that  have  previously  or  are  currently  producing  items used  by  the  federal  government.  This  handbook  is published  in  two  parts.  The  first  part  cross-references the name of the company or the manufacturer to code and the second part cross-references the code to the name. The CAGE is used in conjunction with the part number, item number, symbol, or trade name assigned by the manufacturer to its product. You must use care when   using   this   catalog   because   some   major manufacturers have more than one code assigned. These codes  are  often  assigned  to  separate  divisions  or affiliates as well as to a parent company. Identification  Lists Identification   lists   (ILs)   are   developed   and published  on  microfiche  to  provide  approved  national item description and related data required to identify or select  items  of  supply.  The  ILs  are  consolidated  to include items of supply that are used by all services. You will occasionally encounter an NSN that is not in the ML-N, and when this happens you must call a shore activity to get the rest of the information. The ILs are sequenced in three sections. l l l Index  section–NIIN  sequence,  references  the applicable page number in the descriptive section Descriptive data section–alphabetic sequence by item name and provides a complete description, including the CAGE and part number Reference  data  section–alphabetic  sequence  by item name and provides- manufacturer’s  part number and CAGE The ILs are distributed only to shore activities, aircraft carriers, and CLF ships. You can request copies of the ILs through your TYCOM or FMSO. Afloat Shopping Guide The Afloat Shopping Guide (ASG) is designed to help  fleet  personnel  in  identifying  the  NSN  for  material that  is  frequently  requested  by  ships.  It  includes  a 8-12

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