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Page Title: Navy Freight
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CLASSIFIED  MATERIAL NAVY FREIGHT Matter classified as Top Secret will be transmitted as prescribed in chapter 8 of the  Department of the Navy Information   and   Personnel   Security   Program Regulation,   OPNAVINST   5510.1.   All   classified material must remain under U.S. custody and control at all  times.  Material  classified  as  Secret  or  Confidential will be transmitted by one of the following means: 1. Registered mail will be used for the transmission of  all  Secret  material,  NATO  Confidential,  and  all  other Confidential material mailed to an FPO/APO address. 2. Certified mail will be used for the transmission of  Confidential  addresses  to  contractor  facilities  cleared for  access  to  classified  information  under  the  DOD Industrial Security Program or to any non-DOD agency of the executive branch. 3. Regular First-Class Mail or priority mail will be used for the transmission of Confidential (other than NATO  Confidential)  addresses  to  DOD  activities located anywhere in the United States and its territories. NARCOTICS AND OTHER CONTROLLED DRUGS The U.S. Postal Service will accept and forward parcels   mailed   under   official   postage   containing narcotics and drug abuse control items that meet the weight and size limitations. However, each parcel must be consigned as registered mail to the medical officer of the activity to receive the material. The actual value of the shipment will be declared at the time it is tendered to the U.S. Postal Service. In no instance will parcels be so marked as to disclose their contents or value. MILITARY ORDINARY MAIL Military   ordinary   mail   (MOM)   is   a   special procedure  approved  by  the  U.S.  Postal  Service  for providing  air  transportation  of  official  fourth-class  mail, at a rate that is considerably cheaper than that for priority mail. MOM also may be used for official second- and third-class  mail  if  considered  essential  to  timely delivery.   However,   MOM   only   provides   air transportation  between  overseas  military  post  offices (MPOs) and between an overseas MPO and a CONUS gateway  terminal  (San  Francisco,  California;  Seattle, Washington; New York, New York; or Miami, Florida). Within  CONUS  and  between  civil  addresses  in CONUS, Alaska, and Hawaii, MOM stamped mail is moved by surface transportation. A civil address is any address that does not indicate an FPO or APO number. When  material  requiring  shipment  does  not  qualify for shipment through the mails, it should be forwarded to the supply officer of the nearest shore-based activity for forwarding to its destination. This material must be accompanied by copies of the shipping invoice, either DD Form 1149 or DD Form 1348-1. If a Navy shore-based activity (or United States naval attaché) is not in the area, you must make the shipment as per official instructions received from the nearest military service command or United States consular. If,  in  an  emergency,  the  procedure  cannot  be followed  shipment  may  be  made  by  a  commercial source  on  a  commercial  bill  of  lading.  The  commercial bill of lading is prepared and furnished by the carrier. Transportation charges are paid by the disbursing officer charging the Navy Management Fund under the open allotment  prescribed  in  the  NAVCOMPT  Manual, volume 2. DEFENSE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM Freight entering the DTS is controlled on two levels. Freight designated for surface movement to overseas locations   is   controlled   by   the   Military   Traffic Management  Command  (MTMC),  the  single  traffic manager  for  CONUS  land  transportation,  and  its subordinate   field   offices   in   conjunction   with   the Military Sealift Command (MSC), the single traffic manager  for  ocean  transportation.  Air  eligible  freight  is controlled  by  the  military  services  through  their individual  air  clearance  authorities  that  work  closely with  the  Military  Airlift  Command  (MAC),  the  single traffic manager for air transportation, and the Military Air   Transportation   Coordinating   Offices/Units (MATCOs/MATCUs)  who  are  administratively assigned to MTMC and represent the individual services interest at MAC aerial ports. Documentation  Required Except for shipments moving in QUICKTRANS, CONUS shipments generally move by a commercial carrier on a government bill of lading/civilian bill of lading (GBL/CBL) and do not use a Transportation Control  and  Movement  Document  (TCMD),  DD  Form 1384. Shipments originating from an overseas point move on a TCMD in the DTS. 9-3

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