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Page Title: Shipyard Availability Period That Does not Include and ILO
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INTEGRATED STOCK LIST.—  The ISL is an integrated stock list, in NIIN sequence, of the combined   SNSLs   (section   A   only)   of   the electronic,   hull,   mechanical,   electrical,   and ordnance  segments  of  the  COSAL,  updated  to support  the  changes  made  in  configuration  during the  overhaul  and  to  reflect  additional  support justified by the ship’s own demand data. The ISL is,  in  effect,  the  postoverhaul  SNSL  and  should be  treated  as  the  primary  allowance  list.  A maximum of nine APL applications will be listed in  the  ISL  for  each  NSN.  However,  every  APL number supported by repair parts in the ISL is listed  in  the  ISL  summary  of  effective  APLs. When   additional   configuration   changes   occur after  the  input  cutoff  date  for  the  ISL,  the  ILO team will forward the changes to the Naval Supply Center, Puget Sound, at the end of the overhaul. UPDATING THE ISL AT END OF SUPPLY OVERHAUL.—  The  Naval  Supply  Center,  Puget Sound, will retain the magnetic tape record used to produce the ISL and will receive and process input from the ILO team for changes in require- ments  occurring  after  development  of  the  ILO package.   If   supplemental   data   has   not   been received  60  days  after  the  end  of  overhaul,  the Naval Supply Center, Puget Sound, will request the activities, as applicable, to advise if changes will be forthcoming. If there are no changes, the ISL provided in the ILO package will reflect the latest   support   requirements.   If   changes   have occurred  and  were  reported,  the  Naval  Supply Center,  Puget  Sound,  will  print  a  postoverhaul ISL and provide two copies to the ship and one copy  to  the  applicable  ILO  team. SHIPYARD  AVAILABILITY  PERIOD THAT  DOES  NOT  INCLUDE AN  ILO This  section  defines  the  responsibilities  and procedures   for   updating   the   COSAL   during various  availability  periods  when  an  allowance branch  of  an  NSA  assists  the  ship  to  meet  its responsibilities. These availabilities include but are not  limited  to  the  following: RAV—Restricted   Availability TAV—Technical    Availability FOA—Fitting  Out  Availability PSA—Post   Shakedown   Availability SRA—Selected  Restricted  Availability If   an   NSA   is   not   involved   in   a   ship’s availability  period,  the  procedures  for  updating the COSAL are the same as the ship’s operating cycle.  For  example,    during  a  tender/SIMA availability, access to an NSA is not available or deemed   necessary   because   the   number   of equipment/component changes made by a tender or  SIMA  is  usually  small.  Therefore,  the  ship’s operating  cycle  procedures  are  used. If  an  NSA  is  involved  in  an  availability  period such  as  a  selected  restricted  availability,  the  NSA assists the ship in basically the same manner as the  overhaul  procedures.  The  NSA  provides assistance  and  performs  certain  functions  such  as documenting configuration changes on an SLCC, identifying  APLs  for  equipment,  and  providing copies  of  APLs  to  update  the  COSAL. The one exception is that during an availability period  an  ILO  is  not  normally  conducted  and, therefore,   the   ILO   team   is   not   updating   the COSAL.  In  this  case,  the  aids  to  update  the COSAL are sent to the ship and the   supply   officer   must   determine   allowance changes,   order   deficiencies,   and   update   the retained portions of the COSAL not held by the NSA. Specific responsibilities and procedures to be used   during   an   availability   period   without   a concurrent  ILO  are  now  discussed. Start of Availability Upon arrival and on request by the NSA, the ship provides the Design and Allowance Branch a copy of part I and part II of the COSAL. This copy  includes  any  SLCC/SLEC  not  superseded by a revised COSAL Index from the SPCC. The SOAPL  and  section  A  and  B  Indexes  show  all changes  since  the  documents  were  published.  The ship   reflects   the   current   APL/AEL/AAP allowance   lists   that   apply   to   the   ship’s configuration. Naval Supervising Activity The  NSA  uses  the  copy  of  the  COSAL provided  by  the  ship  to  verify  all  configuration changes  reported  by  the  ship,  contractors,  and shipyard. The NSA validates and documents all configuration  changes  as  they  occur. Configuration  Change  Documentation During  the  shipyard  availability,  the  NSA allowance  section  serves  as  the  focal  point  for 2-25

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